A city full of history and romance, Kolkata has long been known as the home of some of India’s best food. Most of this relates to its history. Bengal was once ruled by the Mughals who gave the sweet spices, nuts, dried fruits, and meat dishes to Bengali foods. Later, for nearly 200 years, Calcutta was the center of British colonial control in India. Over time Calcutta became Kolkata and a melting pot of worldwide cultures and cuisines — Chinese, Portuguese, Armenian. They came here and settled down, making the most of the local ingredients to create a dish collection around street foods, family dinners, bakeries, mishti shops, and ethnic eateries. Look no more! We bring you a list of best romantic restaurants in Kolkata where you can dine like kings and queens, along with your beloved!  Each restaurant offers an incredibly large variety of cuisines and the best in its class. For so many choices to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Let’s take a look at Top 25 Restaurants in Kolkata Which you should try if you ever visit in Kolkata or Staying here.

1. Tamara


A posh tiny multi-cuisine restaurant in the Pipal Tree Hotel, Tamara is bringing the idea of a private light candle dinner in Kolkata to a whole new level. With dim lighting, cozy and luxurious seating, a glass wall that provides breathtaking views of the city beyond, and complete privacy, Tamara gives couples the ideal opportunity to pamper each other and celebrate their romantic journey with its most delightful food and drinks. They deliver a special style of cooking at Tamara, with international flavors and nuances. Their ingredient-driven cuisine is based on simplicity and flavor purity. The menu, which consists of small and large plates, starters and sides, is intended for sharing and promoting a vibrant social atmosphere. It is an expression of the finest vegetables, meats, & spices accessible, almost all of which they obtain locally and at peak season. Tamara is the best space in Pipal Tree Hotel to fit various occasions and celebrations. On venueLook.com, you can get contacts, event packages, rents, feedback. Go ahead and make a booking inquiry now!

  • Restaurant Name: Tamara
  • Address: Pipal Tree Hotel, AS/464, Hatiara,Major Arterial Road, Noapara, Sukanta Pally, Rajarhat, West Bengal 700157
  • Phone Number: 082548 53411

2. Santa’s Fantasea

Santa’s Fantasea

In this scenic restaurant, where you can choose from a variety of cuisines belonging to different parts of the states such as Odisha, Sikkim, Meghalaya, and Mizoram, you can find a tribal themed decor and chilling ambiance. If you or your partner are a lover of seafood, you’ll be happy to know they serve many lobster dishes, prawns, octopus and more. They’ve now come with new items on the menu for all of the city’s foodies. They have launched a ‘ Special Menu ‘ at their Sec V outlet and will leave you spellbound by these new items. Their Bamboo Roasted Rabbit was already hyped, and it tasted fantastic. Besides that, the Maachhi Banshapora is worth every single penny. Try their Chak Ho Chicken as well, and team it with Chicken Bamboo Pulao. This special menu is only available at their Outlet in Sector 1. There’s also a lounge area at this outlet where you can party, relax and unwind.

  • Restaurant Name: Santa’s Fantasea
  • Address: BF-189, 5th Cross Rd, BF Block, Sector 1, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700064
  • Phone Number: +919831387882

3. The Bikers Cafe

The Bikers Cafe

With seats built up from real bike benches, posters of bike history and biking adorning the walls — The Biker’s Café is an absolute delight not just for bikers but also for those who are looking for something else. A unique bike-themed cafe, you’ll be shocked to find out what you and your partner have in store for this cafe. In this restaurant lighting includes headlights and the menu is exquisitely built to inspire the biker in you. The café offers a very robust industrial overall feel. The Biker’s Café is one of its kind in Kolkata and is perfect for westernized adda sessions. The café certainly delivers something special when it comes to food. A must-try for burgers like a knucklehead, pillion ride and twin cam. The unique bobby brown omelet made from organic eggs is flavorful while the samosas on the highway can be considered mediocre. If you’re even not a biker and trying to experience something different, try the Biker’s Café in terms of ambiance, decor, and food.

  • Restaurant Name: The Bikers Cafe
  • Address: 31, Elgin Road, Platinum mall, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020
  • Phone Number: 096745 65455

4. Dum Pukht

Dum Pukht

Serving the city’s most incredible Awadhi and Afghani cuisine, Dum Pukht is one of the favorite dining spots of all food couples who have placed him in a coveted place on the list of Kolkata’s best romantic restaurants. The food here is cooked by the best of chefs who know how to please your taste buds, offering a variety of spicy and savoury dishes that literally melt in your mouth. Dum Pukht Kakori Kebabs,  Murgh Khush Purdah, Shahi Tukda, Murgh Handi Qorma, Khamiri Roti and more are among the best dishes served here. Your experience is surely made unforgettable by an elegant and comfortable atmosphere. Dum Phukt is located in JBS Haldane Road, Kolkata, at ITC Sonar. Each dish is of the finest taste in their Multi-Cuisine menu and is served to diners after a fine 24 * 7 job that Chefs put into. The Luxury menu is geared to people with diverse tastes and interests and offers delicacies with Mughlai, Awadhi, North Indian, and Seafood along with standard drinks and cocktails. The Dum Pukth food rating averages around 4.3/5.

  • Restaurant Name: Dum Pukht
  • Address: JBS Haldane Avenue, Opp Science City, Kolkata, West Bengal 700046
  • Phone Number: 033 2345 4545

5. Paris Cafe

Paris Cafe

The Paris Cafe is a rendezvous with classic French food and culture, with its irresistible selection of cupcakes and pastries. How about finishing a romantic dessert date right outside the world’s most romantic city? That’s Good! Paris Cafe is a charming little dessert cafe in South City Pinnacle which serves its customers a variety of sweet treats. Apart from the food, the café draws tourists with its retro and classy decor theme. Coffee, Rainbow Cake, Macaroon, Mushroom Crepe, Chicken Steak, Chocolate Shake and Rainbow Pastry are among the most mouthwatering desserts it provides. Paris Café’s interiors are as stunning as they claim and you’d certainly love the beauty and warmth of the restaurant. The café is designed to exude an atmosphere of tranquil beauty, from chandeliers, pretty cushions, antique clocks, glass windows, to comfortable seats. The Paris Cafe is located in Block EP, South City Pinnacle, Sector V, Salt Lake Kolkata.

  • Restaurant Name: Paris Cafe
  • Address: Ground Floor, Southcity Pinnacle Building, Block Ep Xi, Sector 5, Salt Lake, Kolkata
  • Phone Number: 03346018797

6. Spice Kraft

Spice Kraft

A new introduction to Kolkata’s landscapes, the restaurant has already won hearts and made it into the list of Kolkata’s top romantic restaurants. The dimly lit atmosphere, soft background music, and the most lavishly prepared excellent food will definitely melt your heart! The place and decor of the restaurant make it perfect, with your love, for a candlelight dinner. The Shepherd’s Pie, Dajaj Chermoula, Mocktails, Mousse, Saffron Rice, Sushi, and Beer Cocktail are some of the signature items offered at Spice Kraft. Mr. Sambit Banik, who is a professor turned chef, owns and heads the place, and is on a mission to impress peoples with his art and innovation and creative skills. He’s also really helpful, always helping customers to deliver testy and quality food. This restaurant is pleased to recognize the feedback of food levers and to enhance the interaction of tastes of food and restaurant management. Spice Kraft does not only have food but each time you encounter a variety of Indian cuisine.

  • Restaurant Name: Spice Kraft
  • Address: Hazra Rd, Near HDFC Bank, Dover Terrace, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700019
  • Phone Number: 098312 23311

7. Aminia


Aminia is known for its delectable Kolkata’s biryani, one of the iconic restaurants serving Mughlai food in the City of Joy. If you’re a simplicity fan, you’ll love restaurant Aminia. The interiors of these restaurants are minimalist; they have sober cutlery on the walls that reinforces the feeling, offering a homely atmosphere. The best part is that this restaurant on the wallet is very simple, making it a perfect place to eat delicious food! Mutton Reshmi Butter Masala, Chicken Cheese Kebab, is amongst the restaurant’s most ordered dishes. Aminia biryani is quite a hit among Kolkatans and a hidden recipe is what makes it so unique. The menu includes traditional starters, curries, soups, kebabs, chaap and more along with chicken/mutton biryani. If you love biryani and would like to taste traditional biryani, do visit to this famous restaurant.

  • Restaurant Name: Aminia
  • Address: Meena Tower, New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata 700137
  • Phone Number: +91 8100 666 444
  • Website: : https://www.aminia.co.in

8. Zeeshan


To all biryani lovers, a visit to the renowned Zeeshan Restaurant is a must. The delicious biryani is the one dish that makes it from the kitchen to the table the most. The biryani — delivered with an egg, a potato and a slice of tender meat — is a full meal in its own way, but still, if you want anything to go with it, then Zeeshan offers several choices. You can try dishes such as mouton special kassa, mutton rezala, kebab, fish curry, chicken special Zeeshan, egg tarka and more. When you’re around this restaurant the first thing you smell is the spicy mix of burning cardamom and coals. This is the main reason why the tables are quickly filled here apart from being situated on one of Kolkata’s busiest avenues, next to the Park Circus. People step in entranced by the restaurant’s fleeing aromas and end up enjoying a hypnotic meal. Some of the best Tandoori chicken and Mutton in Kolkata are served from the kitchen of Zeeshan so don’t skip this gem!

  • Restaurant Name: Zeeshan
  • Address: 17, Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Park Circus Area, Kolkata
  • Phone Number: +913322806842

9. Aaheli


Another restaurant, this one because of its unique convergence of two very different cultures, namely French and Indian, makes it to the list. The dishes are Bengali recipes but are inspired by French cooking and flavoring techniques. Delicacies such as Shukto, Doi Ilish, Bati Chingri, Murgir Jhol, Chingrir Malai Curry, Kosha Mangsho, Chhanar Payesh, Aamer Chutney, and Malpua include the Mahabhog Thali and the Rajbhog Thali. The not-so-common dishes of yesteryear are on the a la carte, such as Kumro Patay Mora Chingri Paturi, Gachpathar Malai Curry, Rui Machher Patishapta, Dhumragondhi Ilish. Big crowd-pullers are their festive season promotions, not just for the tasty fare but also for the traditional delicacies on sale. Bookings are recommended, especially for weekends. Expect 5-star rates to pay. It is a rare place to experience two different cultures combining so effortlessly, serving both the thalis and a la carte. When you are visiting this restaurant, make sure to have thali Zamindar

  • Restaurant Name: Aaheli
  • Address: The Peerless Inn Hotel, 12, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, New Market Area, Kolkata
  • Phone Number: +919831780403

10. Oh! Calcutta

Oh! Calcutta

Here’s the Bengali restaurant flagship that brought strong traditional cuisine to tables nationally. The stylish interiors are finished with wooden furniture, paintings, and drawings relating to the city. The menu is a blend of traditional Bengali dishes from both sides of the border with Bengal, as well as Nawabi, Colonial cuisine, and Anglo-Indian. Signature dishes feature kakra chingri bhapa (steamed shrimp and mustard crab), dhakai fish tika, roshun bhapa maach, paturi bhetki maacher (fish fillet filled with mustard and steamed in banana leaves) and chittagong masala murgi. Oh! Calcutta now is a popular restaurant with a number of stores across the country. This award-winning restaurant is not only renowned for consistently churning out mouth-watering delicacies, but also involves research and practice in reviving ancient Bengali delicacies. Fish fries here are the great you can find anywhere and the mochar chop is among the interesting things on any Bengali menu. Go and give it a try.

  • Restaurant Name: Oh! Calcutta
  • Address: 3rd Floor, Silver Spring Arcade, E.M. Bypass, Science City Area, Kolkata
  • Phone Number: +913322517036

11. 6, Ballygunge Place

6, Ballygunge Place

Located in a century-old south Kolkata bungalow, this restaurant is full of classic charm. Although their buffets are incredibly popular, you can also choose to go al a carte and explore the full menu collection. Begin with a fry of Bengali fish, fry of prawn fingers and chop of mochar (croquettes of the plantains). Consider signature dishes like dab chingri (prawns roasted inside a coconut), kasha mangsho (spicy mutton curry), and bhapa eilish (hilsa fish on a mustard gravy) for the main course. Their range also contains vegetarian dishes like aloo posto (potatoes fried in poppy seed paste), chholar dal (coconut lentils), basanti begun. Finish your meal with delicious desserts such as mishti doi (sweet yogurt), baked sandesh, and ice cream with nolen gur (sugarcane flavour). Because of its popularity, this mother restaurant now has a chain to boast all over India. Housed in a bungalow packed with charm from the old world, this restaurant performs very well for its food and its atmosphere.

  • Restaurant Name: 6, Ballygunge Place
  • Address: 6, Ballygunge Place, Ballygunge, Kolkata
  • Phone Number: +913324603922

12. Flame & Grill

Flame & Grill

It’s the ideal place after a day of shopping at South City Mall, just make sure you’re coming here with an empty stomach. The chefs will start to fill your plates with kebabs before you tell them to stop, and then, just in case you weren’t already loaded, you’ll be invited to the buffet that’s filled with salads, vegetarian and non-vegetarian North Indian fare and a selection of desserts. The beautiful décor represents India’s fame as a country with a huge spice offering. The softly hushed lighting and the all too cozy seating are ideal for a one-time meal with your loved ones. The recipes are produced enthusiastically by the chefs who have tried to be creative while sourcing it from the manuals for the royal kitchen recipe. A fantastic place for the entire family. Flame & Grill is one of the few restaurants that took the idea of the live grill concept in Kolkata. As the title suggests, it’s popular from around the globe for its grilled dishes.

  • Restaurant Name: Flame & Grill
  • Address: 375, 3rd Floor, South City Mall, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata
  • Phone Number: +913324228502

13. Buddha Bites

Buddha Bites

Recently Kolkata has been riding high in their contemporary variants of a new wave of classic Chinese styles. Yet again, Buddha Bites is an inspirational takeoff from a Buddhist monastery offering contemporary Chinese classics. The design features a remarkable eye for detail. The basement of a typical old house is painted gold. Inside, the crowded feel is unmistakable. The chili pepper tofu gives a kick to the palate. Cubes of smooth, silken tofu are wrapped in a peppered crunch shell batter. The spare ribs have a signature stamp, in a spicy-sweet barbecue sauce, tumbling fatty ribs in. The prawn of bok choy is a sight of strong and fresh seafood, tenderly tied together with an overwhelming sauce of white corn flour. We’re a world away from China’s cheesy red chimes, lanterns and fans. You’re sure to find something in its impressive menu that pleases your heart at prices that won’t harm your wallet.

  • Restaurant Name: Buddha Bites
  • Address: 29/1, Panditia Road, Gariahat, Kolkata
  • Phone Number: +918334015155

14. Bhojohari Manna

Bhojohari Manna

This restaurant’s very name-Bhojohori Manna-evokes nostalgia in every Bengali through the eponymous song Manna Dey sing. The filling of Bhojohori Manna’s vegetarian thalis includes luchis (fried flatbreads), many vegetables, dal, pulao, chutneys, papad and mishti doi (sweet curd), and the daily specials can be added by the restaurant. Other features include stuffed egg chop, bhetki roll, tangri kabab chicken, as well as curries and steamed delicacies like bhetki and paturi pomfret. It has many outlets all over Kolkata. Bhojohori Manna is a customer-centered that believes in healthy food and aims to encourage it by launching new items like rice, oil, and other consumer goods. This is the closest restaurant you can get to home-style fresh cooking. Better go with a hand-written whiteboard special of the day with seasonal surprises. They also do home delivery and catering.

  • Restaurant Name: Bhojohari Manna
  • Address: 11A, Sido Kanhu Dahar, Esplanade, Kolkata
  • Phone Number: +919830804332

15. Saptapadi


This fairly new and memorable restaurant of Bengali food is named after a 1961 hit romantic Bengali drama starring Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen. The theme is expressed in its decor, which includes movie stills and old star portraits. In the background, also plays soft romantic music from the Bengali cinema. Founded by 2 chefs (Swarup Mondal & Ranjan Biswas), both have ten years of experience in 5 star hotels. Their menu mixes traditional fusion dishes. The restaurant offers both pure traditional Bengali dishes as well as innovatively mixed Bengali dishes with other Y-favourite dishes such as sizzlers, mousses, Tex-Mex dishes, Scottish dishes, etc, preferred for those customers who dare experiment with totally new dishes. An antique wall-clock adorns one of the restaurant’s walls. A brass kadhai with handles is simply a metamorphosis of the washtub. The cashier sits in one corner behind another antique table and there is also a classic hat stand, which has been almost extinct since the British left the country.

  • Restaurant Name: Saptapadi
  • Address: 9B, Purna Das Road, Hindustan Park, Kolkata
  • Phone Number: +918049653012

16. Bohemian


Check out the contemporary Bengali fusion food from Bohemian for something deliciously special. The menu has updated conventional fare with a selection of inventive global dishes with plenty of vegetarian choices. Bohemian, also recently introduced the Boho Hours concept, from 4 p.m. to 7 P.M. They serve food (primarily finger food) and alcoholic drinks (mostly cocktails) at a lower price. However, the menu is not a simplified one at all and is actually a lengthy one to choose for. Kolkata Biriyani cocktail from Bohemian is something, foodies are talking about these days and why not particularly when a cocktail is said to be with Kolkata Biriyani’s flavors. The restaurant is very small and cozy, with 7-8 tables allocated. Methodically, both the wooden table and chairs were covered with some bright mixed gypsy cushions. Both options Take away and Home Delivery is available.

  • Restaurant Name: Bohemian
  • Address: 32/4, 1st Lane, Near Bondel Road, Ballygunge, Kolkata
  • Phone Number: +919804923536

17. Koshe Kosha

Koshe Kosha is a play on the Bengali word ‘ Kosha ‘ that translates into meat cooked with spices. It gives you complete Bengali dining experience. The atmosphere will give you a glimpse of a typical Bengali home, with walls decorated with paintings of various Bengali legends. Many traditional Bengali artifacts and designs are to be found all over the place. This place is a paradise for non-vegetarians, with a tender and well-spiced mutton that practically melts in your mouth. Recommended foods are Chingri Malaikari, a curry made from prawns and coconut milk, and Kosha Mangsho, a tenderized mutton cooked in the Bengali way with dark gravy. You may also try traditional beverages like Gondhoraj Ghol (a lime-flavored, Bengali-based yogurt drink). Varieties of dishes can be found here. However, the food is great and the price is really affordable.

  • Restaurant Name: Koshe Kosha
  • Address: 1/1C, Ripon Street, Muzzafar Ahmed Street, Near Free School Street, Park Street Area, Kolkata
  • Phone Number: +919830949494

18. Kasturi


Kasturi is an old Bangladeshi restaurant located in the heart of Kolkata and one of the best places to eat in town. A typical Bangladeshi meal full of fresh river fish and bhartas sparkles up. In Kolkata, you usually don’t get Bharta, not even in the hotels in Hindu. They’ve now spread around branches in Gariahat, Ballygange with a fancier atmosphere. We recommend visiting Kasturi restaurant in the New Market area for an authentic experience. The waiter will come to take your order. Don’t assume for a menu card! Out here is a different world! For that day he will tell you what’s in the kitchen. In the New Market area Kolkata, they serving authentic Bangladeshi Dhakai cuisine, the award-winning Kasturi is an inexpensive but wonderful choice. The restaurant was founded in 1994 and pioneered this form of cuisine in the town. The menu at Kasturi Restaurant is an oral tradition and reminds you of a family visit.

  • Restaurant Name: Kasturi
  • Address: 6/2, Sudder Street, Near Market Fire Brigade, New Market Area, Kolkata
  • Phone Number: +918017627592

19. Suruchi

This is not for you if you’re looking for a fancy restaurant. But if you want a real taste of ‘ home-cooked ‘ Bengali food cooked with love and care with dollops, then the Suruchi near Park Street in Kolkata is the place for you. The restaurant is run by women, dating back to the early 1970s, and as frequent customers claim, women will coax and cajole you to get extra support just as moms are used to doing at home. Suruchi is for authentic Bengali food at extremely affordable prices. It was the first restaurant in Kolkata devoted solely to the Bengali fare. It is only open for lunch, as well as delicacies such as begun basanti, mochar ghanto, ilish bhapa, potoler dalma and bekti paturi and mocha chingri are famous. They also provide a range of preparations on the Rajasthani, North Indian, Gujarati cuisines menu at fair prices. The one thing that is completely unmissable is the thali, a whole lunchtime trip to Bengali, which begins with a vegetarian shukto, through to mutton, fish, chicken with a delicious mishti to finish on the sweetest note.

  • Restaurant Name: Suruchi
  • Address: 89, Elliot Road, Park Street Area, Kolkata
  • Phone Number: +913322290011

20. Lokaahar

The Lokaahar is Kolkata’s renowned restaurant offering delish cuisine and healthy food. Lokaahar is well known for the best staff service, appetizing and eternally delicious food. This restaurant in Kolkata has an excellent food menu and convenient budget restaurant. The Lokaahar serves customers authentic, local testy food. Well known in Kolkata this business is very famous for Indian food, breakfast, dinner, and lunch. This restaurant features stylish tables, lighting, wall painting, and amazing mellow food. The owner is very friendly, offering testy and quality food to customers. In addition to the delicious food, the restaurant is noteworthy for its rustic rural style. The owners concentrated on highlighting rural life by selling their handicrafts and supporting artisans from different districts of Bengal. The menu is also drawn from dishes found in greater Bengal’s far reaches. So, make a plan with your family, friends and check out this restaurant.

  • Restaurant Name: Lokaahar
  • Address: 1/533, Gariahat Road, Jodhpur Park, Kolkata
  • Phone Number: +918420010094

21. Kewpies Kitchen

Kewpies Kitchen

This restaurant provides some of the most famous Calcutta dishes, made according to family recipes. The primary appeal lies in its homely environment-the restaurant is situated in the residence of the owner. The platters or all-encompassing thalis are most common, which include anything from starters, vegetables, lentils to specials and desserts for everyday seafood. Expect traditional touches: meals are served on plates made of terracotta, bowls and banana leaves. Also, if you want to go al-a-carte, there’s plenty to choose from: vegetarian delicacies such as doi started, mochar tarkari, dhokar dalna; and seafood delights such as chingri mala ibhetki fry, and elish bhapa. Don’t forget to ask for festive and seasonal specials. The staffs were polite, and very friendly service. So, if you would like to taste Bengali food which is reasonably priced in a unique environment, then you should try it.

  • Restaurant Name: Kewpies Kitchen
  • Address: No. 2, Elgin Ln, behind Netaji Bhavan, Sreepally, Bhowanipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020
  • Phone Number: +913324861600

22. Aami Bangali

Aami Bangali is a popular Bengali restaurant serving 100% delightful Bengali delicacies including a variety of fish, chicken & mutton dishes. Lovers of seafood would enjoy their selection of seafood influence Bengali dishes. From snack foods to Bengali thalis, it has an extensive menu and knows how to take care of your Bong appetites including your wallets, as you can indulge in a sumptuous full-fledged feast at this place without spending too much. It also provides dishes such as Fast Food and several other mouth-watering dishes that will make you feel happy. It also has a great interior, well furnished and equipped with fantastic LEDs and an amazing dining table. The Aami Bangali Restaurant is a good place in Kolkata to have lunch and dinner with your families and friends. The Aami Bangali provides you with the best quality food service at affordable prices.

  • Restaurant Name: Aami Bangali
  • Address: 29/B, Bentinck Street, Near Orient Cinema, Esplanade, Kolkata
  • Phone Number: +913340625050

23. Banana Leaf

Banana Leaf

Offering an authentic South Indian feel in Kolkata, Banana Leaf is the perfect spot for gorge on delicious appams and dosas. This 110-seat restaurant, a venture of Komala Vilas, is best known for its authentic thalis collection. Banana Leaf has gotten quite a following for its South Indian down-home staples. The spacious restaurant has already gained a reputation for itself among the locals in the area, and if you land up on weekends without reserving a table you may have to stand and wait. Nice to land for breakfast but it’d be a good idea to call and make reservations advance for weekends. The Mysore Masala Dosa, Appam,  and the thalis (healthy and filling) will leave you wanting more. They also have several healthier choices available like ‘soya khichdi’, ‘soya medu wada’, ‘oats khichdi,’ and more. The slightly fried, mini idlis, makes a perfect snack. End your meal with the ‘filter coffee’ because without this, no South Indian meal is complete.

  • Restaurant Name: Banana Leaf
  • Address: P 264C, Hemanta Mukhopadhyay Sarani. Near Vivekananda Park, Southern Avenue, Kolkata
  • Phone Number: +916290145874

24. Govinda’s


Govinda’s restaurant is a great place to head to if you’re looking for a healthy vegetarian meal. The menu the restaurant varies from North Indian to Chinese and both new and organic ingredients are used. Some of its popular dishes include the dal khichdi and Amritsari kulcha and the strawberry shake swear by locals. You will find a detailed notice at the end of the comprehensive menu about the benefits of vegetarian food. The walls of the restaurant are decorated with pictures of Lord Krishna and as you walk through the doors you will be greeted with ‘Hare Krishna’ greetings. Overall the food is a good, pleasant atmosphere, friendly people, neat and clean, and value for money. A great place for a vegetarian meal, definitely.

  • Restaurant Name: Govinda’s
  • Address: 22, Iskcon House, Gurusaday Road, Ballygunge, Kolkata
  • Phone Number: +913340633344

25. Haveli

Rajasthan’s Regal ambiance comes alive in this scintillating ethnic veg restaurant capturing an array of tasteful delights. This vegetarian restaurant is best known for its staple Rajasthani cuisine, which is modeled like a traditional haveli. The restaurant has gained popularity thanks to its authentic cuisine with workers dressed in a traditional Rajasthani dress. Whatever you eat, make sure that you end your meal with a kulfi and gulkand pan. Food is served in dishes and handis, and the restaurant also offers moderate Chinese and Continental dishes if Indian is not your cup of tea. The Haveli restaurant is known for its staple Rajasthani cuisine. To ‘Jaao Kabhi Haveli’ 😉

  • Restaurant Name: Haveli
  • Address: CK 2, Sector 2, Salt Lake, Kolkata
  • Phone Number: +913323597997