YouTube is the biggest online video streaming platform in this tech-savvy world. It’s one of the social network’s most entertaining and informative network. Every passing hour thousands of videos are uploaded. More than 2 billion logged-in users visit YouTube each month, and people watch over a billion hours of video per day through YouTube. Being in the internet industry, we know the power of this online video streaming platform. Millions are followed by famous YouTube stars, and they are highly influential on and off the Internet. But which are the biggest channels on YouTube, among those popular content creators? Contrary to popular opinion, stars such as Ed Sheeran, and Taylor Swift is not in the top ten. , Instead, you’ll note the channels on YouTube like T-Series, PewDiePie, SET India, and 5-Minute Crafts seem to have some of the biggest successes. There are some top Youtubers who are there who becoming the richest millionaires in the entertainment world through YouTube they have created a niche for themselves. So, From musicians to entertainment, to sports, and more, here are the top 25 Most Subscribed YouTube Channel (With Income) in 2021

1. T-Series (136M)

  • Subscribers: 136M
  • Specialization: Music
  • Earned: $100 million
  • Account Creation Date: 13 March 2006
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 14k Videos
  • Total Video Views: 105.4 billion

T-Series is an Indian music record and film production company and it was started by Gulshan Kumar started in 1983. T-Series is the single largest music producing company in India, known mainly for its Bollywood style productions and Indian pop-culture. However, the T-Series channel started in 2006 (YouTube began in 2005). Currently, the company is managed by the two sons of Gulshan Kumar, Krishan, and Bhushan Kumar, who have taken the record label to new heights with nearly 75 billion views on YouTube alone and have demoted PewDiePie as the most subscribed YouTube channel of all time. It had reached 1 billion views by July 2013, becoming the second Indian Channel on youtube after Rajshri Productions to reach the milestone.

2. PewDiePie (104M)

  • Subscribers: 104M
  • Specialization: Entertainment
  • Earned: $14.8M
  • Account Creation Date: Apr 29th, 2010
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 4,126 Videos
  • Total Video Views: 25,277,759,803

PFelix Kjellberg is the creator of YouTube’s most subscribed channel name PewDiePie, and he is only 30 years old. The Swedish commentator on gaming is undoubtedly one of the richest Internet celebrities as its net worth is estimated to be between $30 to $50 million. Apart from the work he did in the gaming industry, the world’s most famous YouTuber has also released a book that sold over 112,00 copies and hosted a web series called Scare PewDiePie on YouTube Red. Now one of the most prolific gamers in the world, he’s attracting attention to some of the less popular indie games and with his video game variety giving himself a unique name. PewDiePie actually completed an industrial economics and development management degree before making the switch to video gameplay.

3. SET India (70M)

  • Subscribers: 70.4M
  • Specialization: Entertainment
  • Earned: $113.6M
  • Account Creation Date: Sep 20th, 2006
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 37,084 Videos
  • Total Video Views: 53,167,120,624

With a commanding 54 million subscribers, Sony Entertainment Television of India holds the 3rd position. Launched in 1995, SET India is India’s most popular Hindi TV channel, and featuring a collection of mini-shows and movies that attract great media attention. The content of the channel is primarily about some of Sony’s ongoing series, with the new episodes, or even past episodes that it has made available to viewers. SET India is the platform for upcoming shows and the people on the big screen who want to make it. SET India offers its watchers a wide variety of quality content, from comedies to talk shows and romances. Sony TV’s YouTube channel is one of the world’s most most-subscribed YouTube channels, with over 50 million subscribers.

4. 5-Minute Crafts (66.1M)

  • Subscribers: 66.1M
  • Specialization: Howto
  • Earned: $11.5M
  • Account Creation Date: Nov 15th, 2016
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 4062 Videos
  • Total Video Views: 17,575,618,737

Launched a few years ago, 5-Minute Crafts has outperformed some of the most successful YouTube channels, such as whinderssonnunes and elrubiusOMG. It has currently more than 65 million subscribers watching nearly 3,000-video collections. 5-Minute Crafts channel provides something for everyone, including “20 bath hacks to make life simpler” and “35 amazing cooking hacks.” Its subscription numbers continue to increase every month, though it fell back to February’s No. 5 slot due to a rise in viewers of SET India. Since January the channel has received just 800,000subscribers. 5-Minute Crafts provides life hacks for every aspect of your life as well as content for children and parents, along with craft videos. By building a fire pit to repairing a broken lamp, 5-Minute crafts keep on growing as they tap into the world’s fastest expanding market, the internet.

5. WWE (58.2M)

  • Subscribers: 58.2M
  • Specialization: Entertainment
  • Earned: $489.6K
  • Account Creation Date: Aug 28th, 2005
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 1,547 Videos
  • Total Video Views: 209,417,690

The most popular sports channel on the list is WWE or World Wrestling Entertainment. WWE has attracted tens of millions of viewers from every corner of the world and is massively popular around the world. Recaps of recent matches, full matches, and lots of footage from their archives, including classic fights and interviews, are available on the WWE Channel. Users of this channel will watch highlights from Monday Night Raw, the longest-running weekly television show. There’s also SmackDown LIVE footage behind the scenes, historical interviews, classic fights, and more. The most-viewed video appearance Randy Orton with more than 184 million views where he kisses the senseless Stephanie MCMahon in the front of Triple H.

6. Canal KondZilla (57.1M)

  • Subscribers: 57.1M
  • Specialization: Music
  • Earned: $22.5M
  • Account Creation Date: Mar 21st, 2012
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 1399 Videos
  • Total Video Views: 29,609,309,012

KondZilla is a native Brazilian screenwriter and director. He is the owner of KondZilla records, a record label, and music company that is widely successful on Brazilian market. Konrad was originally born in Sao Paulo & worked as a local university web designer. He sold his belongings to buy a camera after a few months of working a regular job and followed his passion for video making. Now he’s a business specialist making music videos for South America’s most successful artists. He was nominated for Best Music Video Tombei, in year 2015. Which has over 27 million views.

7. Zee Music Company (53.7M)

  • Subscribers: 53.7M
  • Specialization: Music
  • Earned: $37.1M
  • Account Creation Date: Mar 12th, 2014
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 4703 Videos
  • Total Video Views: 25,394,002,835

While being one of the biggest producers of Hindi content in the world, Zee Music Company is a part of India’s leading television and entertainment industries. The channel Zee Music Company sticking with music. The content of the channel is composed of music videos, some of which come from movies and TV shows. The channel says the video content is aggregated in over 220k hours. Zee’s biggest famous video is ‘Mile Ho Tum’ by Neha Kakkar, which has 900m plus views since July 2016. As recently noted, Kakkar is now one of the most popular artists, on YouTube based on global charts. Zee Music confirmed a content contract for the music streaming service, with Amazon Prime.

8. Justin Beiber (53.5M)

  • Subscribers: 53.5M
  • Specialization: Music
  • Earned: $1.1M
  • Account Creation Date: Jan 15th, 2007
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 171Videos
  • Total Video Views: 980,946,105

Justin Bieber has been around the music and video industry since he was a young boy found across a Canadian Street by a record label singing. Now he’s one of the most popular names in music and has used his YouTube channel to promote his music videos, Tours, and songs that have just been released. Lucky for us, the YouTube channel was created in 2009 and we can still see Bieber’s classic videos of his guitar strumming over the long flowing hair. The videos from his channel are what we have come to expect from the musicians: promo content, music videos, clips behind the scenes, and interviews. Bieber was first discovered on YouTube, so being and high up the list makes sense for him.

9. Like Nastya (53M)

  • Subscribers: 53.1M
  • Specialization: Entertainment
  • Earned: $128.3M
  • Account Creation Date: Dec 6th, 2016
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 407 Videos
  • Total Video Views: 31,733,822,273

The most subscribed channel in the Russian Federation is to lead on the list. It features kids, Nastya, and her parents running the channel, recreating scenes from movies and television shows, sing songs and nursery rhymes, and traveling. Nastya also has another channel, also named ‘Like Nastya’ with 15m subscribers, it releases similar videos, but with more attention on playing and traveling to amusement parks and activity parks. She was no. 3 in the 2019 Forbes Top-Earning YouTube Stars list, which includes pre-tax income from advertising, merchandise sales, sponsored content, tours, and more.

10. Dude Perfect (50.4M)

  • Subscribers: 50.4M
  • Specialization: Sports
  • Earned: $7.7M
  • Account Creation Date: Mar 17th, 2009
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 231 Videos
  • Total Video Views: 10,386,628,727

The improv sports party Dude Perfect, calling themselves “5 Best Friends and a Panda,” round out the Top 10 most subscribed YouTube channels. The 5 best friends Coby and Garrett Hilbert, Cory Cotton, Tyler Toney, and Cody Jones all of them are former roommates and basketball players in high school. Their channel started as shots of basketball tricks, but gradually grew to more than 200 videos featuring lasers, drones, and yes, yet more techniques. Today they are one of the world’s most popular YouTube channels and the second most popular for sports. Ping Pong Trick Shots 3 is the most famous Dude Perfect video, with 261 million views.

11. Marshmello (44.6M)

  • Subscribers: 44.6M
  • Specialization: Music
  • Earned: $11.6M
  • Account Creation Date: Apr 6th, 2015
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 431 Videos
  • Total Video Views: 8,656,242,352

Marshmello is another musician on the most popular YouTubers list. He is a well-known DJ, originally from the USA, but known internationally. His YouTube channel is not only about music videos but also about other interesting items like cooking and tutorials videos. Although his music was truly the cause for his channel’s big growth. Most of Marshmello’s video content appears to be targeted towards a younger audience. For a brand that is easily available, a good impact on fans, and cheery music, it’s no wonder his success has skyrocketed as much as it has. Marshmello is now one of the top-selling artists in today’s music industry and his style is truly legendary in the world of electronic music.

12. Ed Sheeran (44.2M)

  • Subscribers: 44.2M
  • Specialization: Music
  • Earned: $12.4M
  • Account Creation Date: Aug 8th, 2006
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 161 Videos
  • Total Video Views: 19,781,666,769

Edward Christopher Sheeran is a rapper, record producer, and songwriter. In 2006, he started his YouTube channel and gained popularity through YouTube. Sheeran’s channels are the standard fare for his own music videos, live streams, and the man’s own videos. Since then he has managed to gain over 35 million-plus subscribers. His songs, ” “Shape of You” and “Thinking Out Loud were classified among the top 20 most highly watched YouTube videos ever. In early 2017, the Ed Sheeran channel received its 10 millionth subscriber. In terms of subscribers and video views, it has been one of the fastest rising channels ever.

13. Badabun (43M)

  • Subscribers: 43M
  • Specialization: Entertainment
  • Earned: $9.6M
  • Account Creation Date: Oct 14th, 2014
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 5559 Videos
  • Total Video Views: 15,987,752,220

Badabun is a Mexican YouTube channel with a variety of content, including collaboration with other YouTubers. The channel is well-known for its ‘Exposing Infidels’ show, where couples are interviewed about cheating on their partners. It’s all volunteer and makes for some very uncomfortable moments, but it’s very entertaining sometimes. The channel features several mini-series to be Mexico’s one-stop-shop for entertainment television, from saving pets to game shows and everything in between. The channel is connected to a number of major Spanish speaking YouTubers such as WerevertumorroandRayito, and is the best fastest-growing channel platform.

14. Eminem (42.3M)

  • Subscribers: 42.3M
  • Specialization: Music
  • Earned: $1.5M
  • Account Creation Date: Feb 9th, 2007
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 134 Videos
  • Total Video Views: 912,407,797

Eminem is now one of the world’s most famous rappers and his inclusion on this list confirms YouTube is a fantastic network for musicians. Most people only use YouTube to listen to music and that’s why we’ve got so many artists on this list. On his channel, he posts music videos, film trailers, and interview videos. Although he is in seventh place, the views, and likes he gets on his videos. He received the 2002 Academy Award for “Lose Yourself” for Best Original Song and became the first artist to win the coveted award. His “Love The Way You Lie” has 1.5 billion views at the moment, while “Not Afraid” leads with over 1 billion views behind it.

15. HolaSoyGerman (40.7M)

  • Subscribers: 40.7M
  • Specialization: Entertainment
  • Earned: $113.2K
  • Account Creation Date: Sep 8th, 2011
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 136 Videos
  • Total Video Views: 4,214,613,221

Germán Garmendia is popular for HolaSoyGerman(his YouTube Channel). He is a YouTuber and creator of comedic content. In addition, he has a band called Ancud. What makes that position more surprising is that in 2 years there hasn’t been a new video on this channel. This channel is related to comedy videos, usually focusing on daily things such as finding work, studying, and parents. His videos have also been watched more than three billion times. He makes comedic videos about a variety of lifestyles and some fictional topics. He also talks sometimes about his personal experiences.

16. Ariana Grande (40.6M)

  • Subscribers: 40.6 M
  • Specialization: Music
  • Earned: $687.1K
  • Account Creation Date: Jan 22nd, 2007
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 171 Videos
  • Total Video Views: 1,003,502,517

One of the world’s biggest pop stars right now is Ariana Grande in this list is no surprise. Not only is Instagram popular (she has till one of the most posts liked of all time), she’s obviously finding fans on YouTube too. Her YouTube channel is like most pop stars, including back-the-scenes footage, her music videos, media appearances, and even the tutorials of making up. Grande already has the recognition in February of launching 2019’s two biggest 24-hour YouTube music video debuts. On the Billboard 200 list, Grande’s new album, Thank U, Next, is set to debut at No. 1.

17. whinderssonnunes (39.2M)

  • Subscribers: 39.2M
  • Specialization: Comedy
  • Earned: $1.5M
  • Account Creation Date: Jan 21st, 2013
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 378 Videos
  • Total Video Views: 3,355,425,520

Whindersson is a vlogger and comedian who started making videos of songs, parodies, and movies when he was just 15. The 23 years Brazilian YouTuber is also popular for stand-up comedy and acting. During 2016 his channel was the most-watched channel in Brazil. A parody of Adele’s, “Hello,” is the most-watched video on his channel. The parody is titled, “What É A SENHA DO WIFI” (What is the WiFi Password?), which was viewed more than 62 million times. Over the years, Whindersson has gained a huge following. He also posts movie reviews, vlogs, and his own songs as well as his comedy work.

18. JuegaGerman(39M)

  • Subscribers: 39M
  • Specialization: Entertainment
  • Earned: $6.9M
  • Account Creation Date: May 19th, 2013
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 1,696 Videos
  • Total Video Views: 10,888,823,300

Despite its name, the game channel of Germán Garmendia is not dedicated solely to video games (probably because, as the Chilean comedian and musician claims, he is bad to play them). After being encouraged by his friends, Garmendia had his first Video uploaded in 2011, and from there it soon started to grow in popularity. He also wrote a book called “# ChupaElPerro,” which was released in April 2016 in various stores throughout Latin America and Spain. Garmendia is probably one of the most popular YouTubers in history, having experienced huge multi-faceted success which we will focus on later. He became the first YouTuber to obtain two Diamond Play Buttons after he had reached a total of 40 million subscribers on his two channels.

19. Taylor Swift (37.7M)

  • Subscribers: 37.7M
  • Specialization: Music
  • Earned: $161.7K
  • Account Creation Date: Sep 20th, 2006
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 179 Videos
  • Total Video Views: 329,116,991

Taylor Alison Swift is 29 years old American singer-songwriter born in Pennsylvania, is one of the most popular artists in one music, and known for writing songs that tell stories about her personal life. She is a popular contemporary singer with her YouTube videos and has managed to get over 14 billion views. Her VEVO contains her official music videos and song lyrics videos. There are also several live show videos and interview videos. Taylor Swift tends to be amongst her peers’ most excellent performers. To date, “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift has received over 2.5 billion views while “Blank Room” has obtained 2.2 billion views.

20. elrubiusOMG (37.5M)

  • Subscribers: 37.5M
  • Specialization: Entertainment
  • Earned: $3.3M
  • Account Creation Date: Dec 20th, 2011
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 826 Videos
  • Total Video Views: 8,546,678,589

Ruben Gundersen, known as elrubiusOMG, is a Spanish YouTuber who is 27 years old and known for making the videos where he plays games. He became Spain’s first YouTuber attaining 10 million subscribers. YouTube has awarded him with a Diamond Play Button for that achievement. His YouTube channel is also the most subscribed channel in Spain, and also the second most subscribed channel in the Spanish language. ElRubiusOMG is currently one of today’s most popular Spanish YouTubers. ElRubiusOMG regularly works through the various video games, ratings, and more. This Spanish star even sprinkles daily interview and Chatroulette’s adventure into his feed. The secret of success s maybe his love for Pikachu and great beat drops?

21. Felipe Neto (37.2M)

  • Subscribers: 37.3M
  • Specialization: Entertainment
  • Earned: $15M
  • Account Creation Date: May 16th, 2006
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 2230 Videos
  • Total Video Views: 9,531,786,754

Brazilian vlogger Felipe Neto is in many ways the best example of the incomprehensible popularity battle on YouTube today. Neto’s channel is a mix of reaction videos to cultural events, celebrity news, comedy skits, and general interactions and filmed at 60 frames per second, with a minimalist home set as the background. He was the first YouTube channel in Brazil to reach 1 million subscribers, and his brother Luccas, with over 20 million subscribers now, is also a popular YouTube personality. He keeps on entertaining and making his viewers laugh, and that is the secret to his success.

22. Katy Perry (36.8)

  • Subscribers: 36.8M
  • Specialization: Entertainment
  • Earned: $20.9K
  • Account Creation Date: Jun 1st, 2008
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 103 Videos
  • Total Video Views: 366,483,210

Katheryn Elisabeth Hudson is an American singer and songwriter who is also known by his stage name as Katy Perry. Katy Perry has exploded after singing in church in her early childhood to become among the most popular musicians and YouTubers as well. Till now, the VEVO YouTube account of Katy Perry has more than 26.6 million viewers, and her most-watched video is “Roar” with over 2.5 billion-plus views. Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” also crosses 2 billion-plus views, while “Firework” only has 1 billion views total. She posts music videos, shows behind the scenes, and live shows on her channel for all the fans to enjoy. With 256.2 m views on her channel and more than 510,000 new subscribers, Katy Perry was the second biggest star on YouTube in April.

23. Fernanfloo (35.9M)

  • Subscribers: 35.9M
  • Specialization: Games
  • Earned: $3.7M
  • Account Creation Date: May 2nd, 2011
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 536 Videos
  • Total Video Views: 7,991,631,835

Luis Fernando Flores has taken a steady, incremental approach in developing his base of YouTube subscribers. In 2011 Flores began posting videos of his games. Its channel hit 10,000 subscribers in July 2013, 100,000 in February 2014, 1 million in August 2014, and 10 million-plus in March 2016. For indie titles, Flores is known for his goofy statement and affinity. The El Salvadorian, 24, always likes to wear the color green, do the moonwalk, and share the spotlight with the best friend. He also became a popular live streamer on Twitch and received more than 7 billion views on his videos.

24. MrBeast (34.2M)

  • Subscribers: 34.2M
  • Specialization: Entertainment
  • Earned: $11.7M
  • Account Creation Date: Feb 20th, 2012
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 698 Videos
  • Total Video Views: 5,240,177,891

Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, is a YouTube star of 21 years old. Donaldson is known for his videos in which he gives away houses, cars, and cash prizes. His channel is handled under the management firm Night Media. Donaldson gave away $1,000,000 cash to the winning contestant in his new episode, “Last to Take Their Hand Off $1,000,000 Keeps It.” Some of the videos include counts to 200.00 in a 52-hour video, as well as partnering to plant 20 million trees with 600 other YouTubers. We are confident that MrBeast has plenty of tricks up his sleeve for 2021 and beyond.

25. Rihanna (34.1M)

  • Subscribers: 34.1M
  • Specialization: Entertainment
  • Earned: $18K
  • Account Creation Date: Nov 6th, 2005
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 79 Videos
  • Total Video Views: 65,162,417

Rihanna positions on the most subscribed YouTubers list at number 25. This Black American singer who recently succeeded to fame with her gentle, relaxed voice and melodic songs of love. Her songs like “I Want You to Stay” affect people in a very personal way and all of her songs seem to tell a bittersweet love story. To date, Rihanna’s “Diamonds” has over 1.1 billion views while “Work” featuring Drake has 985 million-plus views overall. She is an enthusiastic, attractive singer, who sings from the heart. To attract frequent visitors at such a high rate of return for an artist as this means that she has something people want to see again and again and she needs to have something about her performance or videos that people like and want to see in their favorites.