The music streaming website Spotify was founded in 2008 and has captured the music market by providing talented musicians around the world with easy access to music. However, when it comes to an online music streaming platform what matters more than anything else is popularity, and your music gets the kind of range. Having more Plays on Spotify is on everyone’s mind. It takes effort and lots of time to recognize you, but there is a way to make things easier. Nowadays many peoples tend to Buy Spotify Plays. The reason is that it will increase your Spotify plays without wasting your time and energy. There are many websites are there who provide Real Spotify Plays but a lot of people have concerns, “where to Buy Spotify Plays? This is why we’ve reviewed Best sites to Buy Spotify Plays so that it becomes easier for you to choose from where you should Buy Spotify Plays or where not.


SMMSUMO is one of the most popular websites dedicated to music streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Soundcloud. If you’re searching for real Plays and Followers from Spotify, this is a great place to go. Their website is very well designed and also very easy to use, the delivery is pretty quick and comes with a 2 Years Free Refill Coverage for every service they offer. SMMSUMO offers professional support with 24/7 Live Chat Customer assistance on any questions or concerns you may encounter when buying Spotify plays from them. The website is encrypted with SSL encryption so there is absolutely no risk of losing your personal information – SMMSUMO therefor is the Best site to Buy Spotify Plays. 100% Recommended.


QQSumo is a company delivering Real Spotify marketing that will improve your Spotify Plays. One of the many services that they provide is getting YouTube subscribers. However, It’s pretty easy to use the services on this platform because their site is very user-friendly, and they guarantee that they do not use any black hat techniques in any way. So all the fans and traffic will come from real people. This ensures that using their service does not violate the terms of Spotify. And so, the algorithm won’t punish or ban the account. Don’t miss this chance of going viral and giving the talent the support it deserves with QQSumo.


For the past 9 years, this company has been active in helping artists to build up a decent amount of Spotify plays and followers. There are different plans to choose from. They do provide Instagram Followers, YouTube views and likes from real accounts. On their website, there is a 24/7 Customer Chat Support system available who always answers any question and doubts on time. They claim that after starting to use Followerszeal, the algorithm will not ban any of the user’s accounts, or suspend them so, it is 100 % Safe. To beginners in the music field, this website makes will be a good choice.

4. Always Viral

Always Viral understands the importance of being fast in this field This is why this company processes orders within 24 hours after they are purchased. Their prices are cheap compared to others which makes it a reasonably good choice for those who are in a tight budget. The company is not asking for any password or sensitive data. A 24/7 Customer Chat System is always available on the website. Clients should ask as many questions as they need before they order. The number of plays that they provide is looking natural, and most of them seem to come from the original human accounts. So go viral with always Viral.

5. AppSally

Appsally is a platform that offers promotional services across different networks of social media. These services include Spotify, Facebook, Soundcloud, and YouTube. A visit to their website shows that the prices are much higher than other websites. Also, Customer service is relatively not good. It is not available 24/7. Although they have endured some very bad reviews for their Instagram services with poor customer support, YouTube views may be ok (We haven’t reviewed it yet) but don’t go for Spotify plays.

6. Realigfollowers

This website may appear in search results because of its domain name and black hat SEO methods. The domain itself is an infringement of copyright which ensures it can quickly be shut down the next day if you place an order. You shouldn’t bother anyway because their service is of very poor quality. When it comes to buying Spotify Plays we are tried to contact their customer support but they provide us a very little detail on their services and options. We do some research and found that they have a very poor overall reputation and there are a lot of scam reports.

7. FastLykke

FastLykke is reported to provide low-quality Spotify plays. It can take a very long time to grow your Spotify presence with FastLykke. However, their followers started dropping very soon, and it is confirmed that the Spotify Plays are fake and also disappear very quickly. Upon getting low quality plays, one of the customers said Spotify plays on his track Suddenly fell from 80% to 30%. Although they have received some very bad reviews for their Spotify Services.

8. SocialBoss

SocialBoss offers quite low options while being very costly when placing an order for Spotify play services. Seems this website offers a very bad service if any. Big amount of scam reports, particularly when it comes to plays and followers. Additionally, they don’t have any Live Chat Support System. You have to mail them and wait for days when their reply comes. There is also some customer complaint about that they don’t fulfill your order within the given date and time. We don’t recommend this company to buy any social media services.

9. Mass Media Plus

They deliver services to nearly every social media platform. We did some research on Mass Media Plus and ordered 1000 Spotify Plays From them, to test their legitimacy, but we were quietly disappointed as our purchase was not completed and for at least 5 days we had to bother them with emails before they finally got delivered. We verified this website for legitimacy online and found most customers were not happy because their order was either not completed or they have been scammed. Always choose from Best Sites to buy Spotify Plays mentioned above.

10. Social Fans Geek

The Prices of Spotify Plays on this website were low so, we Order 1000 Spotify plays to check their quality. In their package, they mentioned that the plays will be delivered within 2 days but we never received their order. After 5 days finally, we got our plays. We also found that the play was mostly coming from fake profiles that are proven to be unreliable in the long run. We were also totally shocked, as the plays, we received earlier dropped away after 2 days! We do not recommend the website of Social Fans Geek to anyone who is very serious about the organic growth of their Spotify accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy plays on Spotify?
Yes. You can Buy Spotify Plays. But make sure to purchase it from a reputable website such as the ones we have listed above.

How do I get more plays on Spotify?
Getting Spotify Plays is now much easier than you think. Just choose any top Company given above and select their package.

How much does it cost to Buy Spotify Plays?
The Cost of the plays varies from companies to companies but What matters is quality. For example, the Top 4 website mentioned in our review, maintain both Quality and Quantity. Visit their website to check their prices and Offers.
Make sure to Buy it from the Best Sites to buy Spotify Plays.

How do you get noticed on Spotify?
By making sure that your post tracks which are really good and get more attention from the listeners. Buying Plays makes more sense when you want to grow Quickly as there are thousands of other artists looking for the same popularity.

Why Should I Buy Spotify Plays?
If you are looking t grow your Influence on Spotify and want to attract more users, Buying Spotify Plays makes your life a lot easier as you will instantly get noticed by thousands of listeners and eventually getting famous.

What is the best website to Buy Spotify Plays?
There are many websites which are the best websites to buy Spotify Plays.


If you want plays right away you can buy it at a cheap price from sellers mentioned above.

Can Spotify ban for Buying Plays?
If you buy from a low category website then your account may be a risk. Always Purchase from Trustable Websites.

How To Buy Spotify Plays from these Websites?
Make sure you lookout for the reputation of the company, Refill Protection, Customer Support and Secure Payment Option.
Choose a package, Sign Up, Select any pack and Complete the Payment Process.

Does Buying Spotify Plays Works?
Yes, It 100% Works If you Choose the right company to promote your Spotify Tracks. This is Why you Should read the Reviews we have listed.

How do I stop my Spotify from being banned?
There are several reasons which can cause your account getting banned. The most common reason is using un-authentic websites for boosting your tracks. When you purchased Spotify Plays You should always make sure that you buy it from a reputable company that does not use any unnatural methods to achieve the plays.