The days have gone by when you had to visit a medical store to get your medications refilled monthly. Numerous mobile apps and websites have been developed that allow users to order medicines, book prescriptions or laboratory tests and even connect with doctors — all on the internet. Now, you can order your medicines online from websites and some mobile apps that don’t need you to wait at the pharmacy stores in long queues. And ordering online medicines has obvious advantages for those living in rural areas and peoples who are short of time and who find it difficult to visit the pharmacy. Using your mobile camera you can easily upload a photo of your prescription and get all the medications shipped right to your home. The new online ordering apps and websites for medicines also provide attractive discounts for collecting broad client bases. Buying online medicines isn’t that different from buying in a pharmacy shop, but online pharmacies not only offer convenience but also a wide variety of options combined with attractive discounts. According to the medical data analytics company transactions, over 60 online pharmacies operate in India and are engaged in medication distribution via websites and apps. So let’s take a look for Top 10 Best Websites to Buy medicines online in India.

1. NetMeds

NetMeds is run by Dadha Company which has been running since 1914 in India. The online pharmacy allows you to order from anywhere in the world, though deliveries are only made to Indian locations. This website/app needs certain formalities of registration after that, the user experience is seamless. It also helps you to talk or have a physician call in case a visit is not possible. The selection of personal care and health goods from trusted brands and the grouping of medicines into the treatment category (homeopathy, allopathy) differentiates this app from the others. A 15% discount applies to all forms of medicines and supplies within 2 on 3 days. You may also take advantage of cash on delivery service at locations across India. The app allows you to track orders, and test Reward Points. You can also monitor the status of your order in real-time and cashback when you use a credit card or debit card to pay with. The app is useful to know more about medicines, too. This provides facts about medicine including dosage and side effects. You may also resolve your questions about medicinal products by asking Netmeds for trained support staff.

2. MedPlus Mart

Medplus is also an online pharmacy that has a wide variety of genuine medicines, nutrition, personal care, health care, diabetics, and other specialty products. The app provides you with quick access to all services offered by MedPlus pharmacies through an easy-to-use interface, from the comfort of your home. It has over 1500 stores in 7 states. MedPlus offers authentic medical products, excellent value for money and outstanding customer service. The MedPlusMart app/website helps you to order medicinal items that you usually purchase from the MedPlus store, as you wish. If you place the order from the app/website when it’s ready you will be informed and you can pick up your order from the nearest MedPlus store. Medplusmart’s inclusion of medical facilities as well as personal care goods, household items, baby care goods, and diabetic needs has been expanded successfully. You will get up to 35% back on medication with MedPlus ‘FlexiRewards program. You can also pay through debit cards and credit cards.

3. 1mg

In the 1 mg medicine app, you can check for medicines and find alternatives for lower-priced medicines. 1 mg currently provides OTC and prescription pharmaceutical products in Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Chennai, Lucknow, Indore, Bhopal, Agra, and Bengaluru. The company doesn’t hold its own stock of medicines; it links to the nearest partnered pharmacy instead. 1 mg is open seven days a week from 8 AM to 8 PM from Monday to Saturday and from 8 AM to 5 PM from Sunday. The apps are also suitable for scheduling medical tests and appointments. The best part is that you can enter medicine names of the same ingredient, and get cheaper alternatives. The app also gives eminent doctors safety tips based on the medicines you are ordering. You can also book health check-ups & lab tests and get checked sitting at home, not just online medicines. They also provide personal and useful health tips written by professional physicians. These tips can be read to be healthy and to boost your everyday routine.

4. Medlife

Medlife is the best online pharmacies, and it has an easy-to-use interface. With orders value of Rs. 100 and above you can get free delivery within 24 to 48 hours. They now claim to provide online distribution of medicine in India’s more than 100 cities. Medlife has over 100,000 plus items over the market which do not need any doctor prescriptions. You also can book your diagnostic tests and get the sample collection at home. They will upload your files to your account within 48 hours. The Medlife app also lets you access and monitor your health records. Medlife is the only company with extension to develop a full health eco-system that includes: generics, e-consultation, laboratory testing, nutritional supplements, and more. Through its experience, Medlife makes the delivery of health care much more productive and reliable. To make an order from medlife is very easy. Open the Medlife App or visit the website and check the top of the screen for your medicines and add them to your cart. In 2018, Frost & Sullivan named Medlife India’s Best Pharma Distribution e-Platform Company.

5. BookMeds

Operating in Hyderabad and Kolkata, Bookmeds provides prescription home delivery, surgical, OTC medications and medical products on the delivery basis in 24 hours. The startup is connected to approved pharmacies and procures medicines from licensed pharmaceutical companies distributors. The app helps you to buy products from different categories, such as medications, orthopedic treatment, surgical supplies, mother and baby treatment, medical devices, hospital equipment, nutritional supplements, fitness supplies, and more. The service operates through 600 pin codes in India that cover places such as Delhi, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Patna, Kolkata, Indore, and other areas. You can upload your prescription, and get medicines to your doorway. You will get free cash on delivery and your medications within 4 hours of placing your order. You can order through the online website for medical products or a mobile app available for both Android and iOS.

6. PharmEasy

The PharmEasy provides a wide range of online products including exercise and nutrition, personal care, diabetes treatment, child care, and OTC medications. They have a monthly refill facility which lets you get your medication without running out of it every month. This app offers you a discount of up to 70 percent on health tests and products with zero sample shipping charges, along with FLAT 20% on-order. They also provide diagnostic testing but is available at some selected locations like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, and Ahmedabad.
Unlike a lot of other apps, PharmEasy also helps you to learn more about the medications you take. A usage, side effects, and cheaper substitutes can be learned. PharmEasy currently operates in more than 1000 plus cities across India, covering more than 22000 + pin codes.

7. EasyMedico

EasyMedico is one of their kind of online pharmacies. They are a community of peoples who want to make healthcare available to all. EasyMedico is the most popular and convenient online pharmacy in India. They empower you to enjoy ease and comfort at discounted rates when purchasing medicines and other health-care items online. EasyMedico has served more than 500,000 happy customers since 2012. With an online pharmacy such as EasyMedico, buying medicines online becomes very easy and secure. Consumers can also purchase medicines by uploading their prescription at a great discounted price and have them delivered on your doorstep. Older people are dependent on their children to order their monthly prescription drugs, and sometimes they need to be notified several times to take their medication on time. Therefore, you should set a prescription reminder for them to take the medication on time and not skip the prescribed dose. So, EasyMedico is the website/app which brings good health for you and your family members.

8. Sastasundar a popular place to buy medicine online and health services. There are services available to get information about doctors and treatment facilities. It’s difficult to get paid health care services like baby care, physiotherapy, and elderly nursing services but people can get qualified trainers online here. The website contains a variety of organic and natural items. However, users can buy medicines searching according to their particular health problems. It is possible to select the medication by the input of prescription. Sastasundar is blessed with many articles written by specialist doctors on health-related topics. Every website visitor can access those free and get their choice product selection for home. The website is gaining more clients and they are now opening new facilities.

9. Mchemist

MChemist, India’s online pharmacy, helps millions of healthcare objectives by offering Genuine Medicines and Medical products with zero hassles and full benefits. From famous and bona fide brands, the website offers medications, healthcare supplements, herbal supplements, daily wellness aids, and healthcare devices. After a step-by-step process, upload your prescription to start the purchasing process. Each product on mCHEMIST is regularly checked for expiry. The pharmacist ensures every product is kept new. You will get 100% genuine medicines. Buying prescription medicines will make a big saving on your wallet! For 3rd and 2nd tier cities along with rural locations, where people have low access to new medicines, they provide genuine medicines at their doorsteps. If the seal is broken then you can return that product.

10. is an Online Ayurvedic Store, Health Store that provides valuable healthcare services, medical products to all those people who are passionate about fitness. Providing over 20,000 online wellness and ayurvedic herbal medicines at the lowest guaranteed price-with the highest quality of pharmaceuticals. They offer premium and the widest range of original fitness and health products across different categories and major brands. They devote this site to all those who are interested in buying healthcare products online. The goal is to provide cheaper products to everyone who has internet access and deliver those goods to their doorstep. This website will save up to 75% off the cost of many well-known items available in your local Medical Store.

11. Myra Medicines

Myra Medicine, the startup based in Bengaluru, delivers medicines within 30 minutes, with up to 35 % off on maximum items. They currently operate from 9 am to 10 pm in certain places in Mumbai and Bangalore. You can create a list before ordering medicines by drop-down options or the pictures displayed in the app. When you have built the list, confirm and get the medicines delivered right outside your door. You can pay by credit card, debit card, net banking, and you can also choose cash on delivery option. You may order medications and health items online, also book online doctor’s consultation and laboratory tests for which the sample is collected from your home/office.

12. BrownPacket

Online ordering of medicinal items is a breeze with BrownPacket. Only upload your prescription and include the necessary information for delivery. Your medicines will be delivered to you within 2 to 48 hours of placement of the order. You will get major discounts of up to 22% on your medicines. The service is currently available for the first time and repeat customers in Patna, Bengaluru, and Delhi with attractive discounts and rewards. BrownPacket works with local pharmacies and is encouraging pharmacy stores to join their network to raise sales. Their cost-effective distribution platform ensures the customer gets their medications on time.

13. SmartMedics

SmartMedics is used to order medicines and to consult with doctors from various medical branches. Through calling them or using the website and the mobile app, you can order medicines online from various cities in India. They can collect the prescription from your house or you can upload a photo through the app as well. The company offers a 22% discount on all pharmacy items and delivers the medicines in 48 hours. Delivery charges do not apply and the minimum order should be 100RS. You can also pay by Debit Card or Cash. Also, the medicines and the bill are neatly packed. The website makes a refund of the full or partial sum at its sole discretion. A User may submit a refund claim by emailing them at [email protected], by providing a clear and precise reason for the request for refunds and the exact terms that were violated. All requests for a refund must be issued within 3 days of the purchase date.

14. Practo

Practo is a trusted brand for the reviews and booking of doctor appointments The company recently launched its online medicine app across 100 Indian cities including Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Gurgaon, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Lucknow. The website helps you to order more than 40,000 medicines. Practo has joined up with local drug stores and pharmacies that help to deliver prescription medicines right in time at your doorway. The app lets you use the phone camera to upload your prescription and then it will easily auto-refill the medicines. The system also recognizes your past orders, and when you need them and makes them available. Patients can contact a confirmed doctor within 60 seconds and can chat / talk/video call with doctors whenever and when necessary. Users can also have medicines shipped at home and also get laboratory tests done from their home comforts.

15. Medibuddy

MediBuddy is a one-stop health benefits management platform that provides fitness, wellness, and preventive care services offered by the curated healthcare provider network. MediBuddy allows you to conveniently schedule healthcare services from planned hospitalization to your chosen outpatient service. Over Fifteen years of experience in the health benefits field and their innovative approach to “tech and touch” make them a pioneer in changing the health benefits industry. They are proud to collaborate with central and state governments to provide medical services to India’s indigent population under a range of welfare programs and therefore contribute to nation-building.

16. Apollo pharmacy

Apollo pharmacies are well known Apollo hospital pharmacies. This pharmacy supplies its customers with items tested by the lab. They are accredited for quality and they offer the best products. They provide food and personal care goods for healthcare, along with medicines. Apollo Pharmacy has an online store along with its physical stores. They have the medicines that doctors prescribe. So, with its products don’t feel unsafe. In addition, Apollo’s online store also provides medication coupons and discount offers that help you to save on medicines online. Apollo pharmacy has excellent products and you don’t have to question that because they care so much about their customers and their health.

17. Zoylo

ZOYLO is an online healthcare platform linking consumers to the full spectrum of healthcare resources building a resourceful service provider ecosystem.  Dedicated to expanding the horizons of healthcare facilities and programs beyond geographical boundaries and making them available to everyone under one roof, they stand as a synonym for the digitalization of healthcare. ZOYLO provides the people with a high-end user-friendly interface through which they can browse, find and schedule healthcare services at ease with their fingertips. Even buying medicines online is getting quicker and more accessible with the Zoylo app, which just brings medicines at your doorstep. With a dream to improve healthcare in India, the company takes several steps to cover every corner of the country to make people’s lives healthier.

18. Medwik

Medwik is Kolkata’s famous online medicine website. Medwik’s founders have over 15 + years of pharmaceutical industry experience. Medwik gets authentic medicines for you and delivers them within a day at your doorstep. They only supply medicines from their own pharmaceutical firm, Hi-Tech Medicos. So you can be confident you can get 100% genuine medicine from medwik. Medwik is aware of the value of your medicines. Their qualified and professional pharmacists ensure that they deliver your medicines to you on time. Medwik has 4 exclusive medicine stores in Kolkata that ensure they are as good and reliable. They also have a team of professional consultants and staff who make sure you don’t have to look for your medicine needs somewhere else.

19. MaxAtHome

MaxAtHome is a leading name in the healthcare sector, brings its medical expertise and quality hospital healthcare to the comfort of your home through online. They offer their services with compassion, professionalism, and efficiency, with a special mission to help people lead a life of freedom and integrity. Max Home provides medicines online and delivers the same at the doorstep. Through the website, you can order the medicines which will be sent to your location within the period given. They provide home visits with nursing care staff, physiotherapists and physicians to help you heal faster and live a happier life. They also arrange for the collection of home samples and promote on-rent medical equipment.

20. Frankross

Frank Ross Pharmacy is the new face of the discount pharmacy chain in India. The company started in 1906 when it built the first outlet in Kolkata in the British era. Frank Ross Pharmacy runs 180 + stores in West Bengal, Ahmedabad, Bhubaneswar, and Bengaluru. Over the generation, this pharmacy company has served the health and other prescription needs of over 80 corporate customers, NGOs, nursing homes, and reputable hospitals by providing quality healthcare products and services. Frank Ross also expanded his branding around a structured ambiance that includes premium products in distinctive categories such as baby care, ayurvedic and skincare products, etc. The company has tied up with prestigious establishments such as Tata Group, CESC, SAIL, State Bank of India, and CTC. Frank Ross aims to become India’s leading pharmacy chain by touching the lives of India’s ordinary people.