YouTube is simply a site where users from all over the world post videos related to different niches such as horror,  comedy,  action, sports, and all of those. And of the stats, YouTube has grown a lot in recent years as a social platform — and also as a source of income. It is one of the largest platforms that pays its employees money. And the best fact is that you can make videos from home! YouTube gets more populated every minute, making it inexplicably impossible to get your content out there and reveal it to the right people. The more people like their videos the more his channel will grow. The people who watch the videos and choose to “follow” you on YouTube are known as subscribers, and they are the backbone of an YouTuber or its channel. But to become a successful YouTuber is really a tough job. If somebody begins as a YouTuber, they have to work very hard to get views and video likes. This has resulted in people opting to buy views and likes to get their content over the first obstacle and into profitability. Buying views, and likes for your YouTube videos offers a number of different advantages. A few of these advantages is that it will help the rest of your content grow organically, which will surely lead to even more publicity and traffic to your channel overall. So let’s check about this review of Top Sites to Buy YouTube Likes in 2021.

Best Sites To Buy YouTube Likes

1. SMMSumo 5.0/5 STARS

This website is one of the leading digital marketing service providers, with trustable customer support worldwide. It gives people with real users with 100% secure YouTube likes. In addition, digital marketing experts will manually promote your videos, which makes it totally risk-free. Their packages start at 50 YouTube Likes and go up to about 1000 likes respectively. Users can find the increase of likes on their YouTube videos within 24 hours after ordering a package. We love that in their website we get 24/7 customer chat support availability, which is also available even if you have signed up for a service. They have a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service. We recommend SMMSumo as the Best Place To Buy YouTube Likes if you are looking for a trustworthy company and want to boost your YouTube likes, views and subscribers.

2. Followerszeal 4.9/5 STARS

This site is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to increase your online reach! Here you can take advantage of other services like Facebook, and Instagram Followers. You can buy authentic YouTube likes and views from a worldwide audience, and improve your online presence. They not only do provide YouTube likes, but they also ensure that your order will be placed as soon as you pay for it. Even you can get in touch with them anytime you need to, whether it’s via their live chat box, email, or contact form. Their prices are very reasonable and top-notch services. You’ll get 2 years of Free Refill services for every order. If your likes or followers starting to drop then all you need is just to inform them they will refill it for free. FollowersZeal is definitely recommended if you want genuine services.

3. Always Viral 4.8/5 STARS

When it comes to delivering high retention YouTube Likes, Always Viral is available there to provide high quality, YouTube likes. They help you to boost your credibility on YouTube as well as other social media platforms according to your demand at the affordable prices. There’s a lot you can achieve working with AlwaysViral in a short span of time. It’s because they provide a whole range of different social media marketing features that can help you boost your social media authority. It really doesn’t matter which social media platform you ‘re on, AlwaysViral can help with that as well. So, Go viral with AlwaysViral!

4. QQSumo 4.8/5 STARS

QQSumo is another best site to buy YouTube likes. They say they can help you become famous at YouTube, which at the end of the day what most YouTubers want. They can provide you quick, effective YouTube likes and views at a reasonable price. Their experienced people understand you need a little push to get your channel off the ground and with that they can help you. They have been around since 2013 and helped 50,000 plus people realize their dreams in online marketing. So, if you are serious about increasing your YouTube likes then you can easily go for QQSumo.

5. Fastlykke 3.4/5 STARS

This website offers every YouTube service in one place. You can use their YouTube likes services to get more likes on your YouTube video and to increase your engagement levels. They have robust, customized YouTube packages that can help to improve your YouTube Likes efficiently and ensure the right people can like your videos. However, there is no live customer chat option available on their website and the only way to contact them is via their contact us form. We noticed that their service pricing are much higher than other marketers. Additionally, their return and privacy policies are pretty strict including their methods of payment. They don’t provide must needed features which we were very much concerned about.

6. QQTube 3.3/5 STARS

QQTube claims to be the highest quality YouTube likes provider, but we are going to purchase their service to decide whether they are not. They also claim to provide real likes instead of fake ones. They do listen and deliver customer demands accordingly which is a plus point about them. But the site is looking very complicated. Most people are suspicious about buying likes, comments, subscribers, and so on, thinking it is unethical or, moreover, illegal. It is neither of the two. These are advertising techniques you need to hire to improve your presence on social media on all platforms on social media, YouTube is no different. They also offer free YouTube Likes but you have to sign up to their website to get free YouTube likes.

7. SubPals 3.3/5 STARS

SubPals is a company that claims to help their customers on YouTube to get more likes, comments, and subscribers. They also provide services for Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Spotify, and Pinterest. SubPals is a Georgia based company and founded in 2012. SubPals provides limited customer service as their only tool is a contact form that is hard to find. You need to click through their FAQs before you fill it out. The company also has only 3 days refund policy after you have made any purchase. If you refund beyond that period, your account will be reviewed to determine if the refund is appropriate and how much you should receive. But the company doesn’t have a replacement warranty.

8. YT Views 3.2/5 STARS

YT Views another YouTube Likes Service providers in the market. Their prices for YouTube Like are a little higher starting at 25 YouTube video likes at 65 Indian Rupees. Their customer support is average. We have emailed them several times and their response times differ from a few hours to a maximum of four days. Along with most of their services, their refund policy is also limited. Finally, YTViews is a fairly average YouTube Likes Provider. Their services work well but the reliability is not good. There’s also concern about their limited refund policy. So, we are not recommending this website to buy YouTube Likes.

9. YTPals 3.0/5 STARS

YTPals is another YouTube Services Providers. With YT Pals, it’s very easy to sign up for an account and get started if you’re sick of spending too lengthy form to fill up. We have to say, however, their retention rate could be much better, and their price points for YouTube Likes are usually much expensive than others. The prices start for 100 YouTube Likes is $13.50 which is too high. They also do offer some free YouTube Subscribers and likes but you have to upload enough videos on to your YouTube channel to get some free YouTube Likes and Subscribers. If your budget is tight or if you don’t want to spend much money on YouTube Likes then you may ignore this company.

10. Social Boss 2.9/5 STARS

SocialBoss is yet another company that provides YouTube, likes, comments, and subscribers. The website offer starts with around 20 YouTube Likes which cost around $3.99, and the maximum one can go is 500 YouTube Likes which come at a cost of $48.99. Their customers have reported that the majority of their likes and views they get are stick around, which isn’t something you expect. While their prices are pretty high, we personally think they are a little cheaper than average marketers. In addition, they assure fast delivery and average customer support even if it is not one of the finest services available, but it is definitely worth a try if you can’t afford premium services and are looking for a bit of average quality at a cheaper rate.

11. GetFans 2.6/5 STARS is a global YouTube promotions and marketing company. Their site looks good, and they stated some good explanations about what they are selling. You can also order customized YouTube likes services, but for customization orders, you have to contact their customer support. They accept payments through debit/credit cards, Payoneer, and PayPal. They claim to have an active 24/7 customer support team. You can reach them via email, or their contact us form. The company provides a money-back guarantee in any case the order is not properly delivered. You will also get a refill policy, which ensures that if you lose likes, or views they will refill it. But remember, the refill service is limited for certain number of days only.

12. SlickSocials 2.1/5 STARS

SlickSocials is an American social media marketing company that has been active in the industry since 2009. The company provides various enhancement solutions for YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and SoundCloud. The process of ordering is a different matter. So, before ordering from them, you need to sign up and then add funds in your account using PayPal, Payoneer, or Bitcoin payments. You will finally order YouTube likes by submitting the URL of the video and choosing the service package. The company provides customer support through their contact us form, they don’t have any 24/7 Customer chat support system available on their website.

13. The Social Marketeers 1.8/5 STARS

The Social Marketeers is a UK online marketing company established in 2010 and presently based in London. This website offers social media marketing services for a wide range of platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, etc. The prices seem good but It’s not clear whether this site uses bot technology. However, we check some online reviews about this site and found that most people are reporting that the likes and subscribers are coming from Fake accounts. YouTube is a very sensible social media platform for videos. So, It is recommended that before purchasing from them it is better to do some research of their service reliability.

14. GetAFollower 1.6/5 STARS

GetAFollower is a USA based company that specializes in creating engagement with social media sites for their clients. The company established in 2010, it claims that they can transform their customers into social media celebrities. Also, the website is modern, with most of its sponsored site & services available from the main page. The price started from $8 for 100 YouTube Likes which seems it’s pretty costly. Also, the delivery time took 8 days which is too long for only 100 YouTube Likes.

15. Storm Views 1.3/5 STARS

StormViews was established in 2018, is a new social media marketing company that offers advertising services for YouTube likes, views, and subscribers. They don’t have any live chat support or phone numbers, so their contact us form is the only way to approach their support. We don’t think this is ideal for any company as they never seem to deliver their service on time. StormViews claims to be a new service provider with only 7-day money-back guarantee and has no drop refill policy. Their YouTube likes packages starts from $4.99 with 50 YouTube likes to 1000 YouTube likes at $49.99.

16. Venium 5.0/5 STARS

Venium is another those companies that cover everything you need when it comes to growing your account on YouTube so you don’t have to. The site claims that they will help you to grow your YouTube likes by providing real likes from users. For $9.99 you will get only 100 YouTube likes which was very costly according to us. Most customers have a bad review against them. We just wanted to know if they accept customized orders, so we continue to trying to contact them, but their customer executive is not replying to our messages and their Chat option is always showing offline. How irresponsible are they? Totally not recommended.

17. Get Real Boost 1.2/5 STARS

Just like some other companies on this list, Get Real Boost can help you not only with your YouTube views and likes, but also with your engagement with other social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We seriously think that the prices are truly affordable, but the quality of the likes are not. To check that we ordered 50 YouTube likes at $5 from them and guess what happened? Within 1 hour we received 50 likes, but they did not seem to stay for a long time. After 1 hour that all those 50 likes we purchased were vanished. We don’t know what happened to their service, but the likes they provided to our video dropped. Since then, we tried to contact them on their e-mail address but no one reply from there. Totally disappointed.

18. SMMPoint 5.0/5 STARS

If you are looking to purchase some other YouTube products, such as YouTube Likes, YouTube thumbnails, and YouTube playlist views, then SMMPoint could be a good place to serve your needs. They claim to offer variety of YouTube services, such as real YouTube likes with instant delivery and 24/7 customer support. The site also works on offering the high quality services that will help your account grow faster. For example, you can buy 50 YouTube Likes for just £3.48, or you can pay a little more to have 500 likes for £20.88.

19. Marketing Heaven 1.1/5 STARS

Marketing Heaven is a London-based company offering a range of social media marketing services. The reliability of their service is bad (low quality), as the majority of likes are dropped in just 1 day of purchasing. The likes which we ordered from them look fake, and they all are coming from fake accounts. On their website, they claim that they’re proud of their fast delivery, and quality services, but we don’t know-how could be they proud themselves if they can’t deliver quality services to their customers. Also, there is no chat option available on their website you have to fill their contact us form and wait until they reply to your message.

20. YTMonster 1.0/5 STARS

YTMonster is a site that actually claims to help YouTubers to expand their YouTube likes, views through interaction. They provide an “effective” platform that allows an individual to get more views and likes by doing the same thing with other members. This involves viewing, sharing, and subscribing to other member’s accounts. This website has been available since 2013. They have a free program that allows users to set a single account and only let other members of the team have access to it. However, We must point out that you can sign up for free, but you need to pay for other services, such as YouTube views, subscribers, likes, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I buy YouTube likes?

Yes. Of course, You can buy YouTube likes. There’s nothing wrong in purchasing YouTube likes for your video. You can buy hundreds, or even thousands of likes at once, depending on your needs and budget.

Q: How can I get YouTube likes fast?

Growing your YouTube Likes gradually is the best way to increase YouTube likes and stop your account from getting banned. So, choose a trusted vendor (SMMSumo, Followerzeal, Always Viral, QQSumo) and grow your likes organically with ease.

Q: Am I breaking any rules?

No. You are not breaking any rules. But be sure to Buy YouTube Likes from a reputed service provider who delivers real YouTube Likes.

Q: Can you make money from Buying YouTube Likes

No, you can’t make money from buying YouTube Likes directly. But they will help you become popular worldwide so that you can generate more income in the long run.

Q: When you buy YouTube Likes will you get YouTube Views?

Sorry, But every company has their own plans and pricing for YouTube engagement. Most of the websites that we have reviewed above can only provide you YouTube Likes. If you are looking to get YouTube views you can choose any of the top four websites we have listed in here.


These are the 20 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Likes. Buying YouTube likes can be an excellent way for peoples to kick start their YouTube videos. However, The top 4 websites mentioned (SMMSumo, QQSumo, AlwaysViral & FollowersZeal) are strongly recommended as they are the only reliable sites to buy YouTube likes that guarantee you 2 years of refill protection on their all packages you order. These reputable websites can help you to boost your YouTube likes and reach your marketing goals. So, what are you waiting for? Try buying your YouTube likes from one of these websites in your next YouTube video and gain traffic organically to your video.