After its launch in 2008, SoundCloud is now one of the biggest online network for audio and music sharing. Everyone likes music. Artists can upload tracks, promote them and share them in this app. The followers will download the audio and play it later. The SoundCloud music label and the artists wish to spend their time, energy and money on this awesome network.

The more they reach, the more the opportunities an artist will have to pursue fans and play. This is when Buying Plays on SoundCloud can help a lot. To boost your popularity and reputation, having a significant number of plays can get you more people listening to your tracks and people will share your tracks with others. This is how purchasing plays on SoundCloud can help you! With online presence becoming more crucial than ever, getting an increased number of plays on your SoundCloud profile can have a real big impact.

It’s amazing that how much having thousands, or even millions of SoundCloud play on your music track can grow your credibility. You can also buy additional SoundCloud followers with amount of Plays to make your profile look authentic! There are plenty of companies that provides SoundCloud Plays and Followers. These providers have been tested to boost the SoundCloud plays and to become successful in the music industry. However, you should always buy from an authentic website to avoid scam. Here, at Ralph Lauren, we are sharing the Best Sites to Buy SoundCloud Plays in 2021 and to become popular in the music industry.

1. SMMSumo 10.0/10.0 STARS

SMMSumo is a USA based company that has been providing high quality SoundCloud Plays in affordable prices. They have a really user-friendly website which makes it easy to place orders from them. The company provides 100% money-back guarantee with 2 years of free refill services for any dropped Followers, likes, and plays. We order 1000 SoundCloud Plays, and they delivered what they promised! We analysed SMMSumo’s service upon several criteria like service reliability, ease of use, refill policies and refund guarantees before placing we placed. Within 2-3 days we were able to get all the Plays we ordered, naturally. The quality of SoundCloud plays were great as good as ever! You can definitely give a try them.

2. Followerszeal 9.8/10.0 STARS

Followerszeal is another social media marketing company providing services to your all social media platform. Overall, the website is looking very attractive and it’s very easy to navigate. Followerszeal has great customer protection, with both a money-back guarantee and a replacement guarantee. Their customer support team responded through the live chat very quickly. Overall, we recommend Followerszeal to musicians who are looking to grow fast on SoundCloud. Except SoundCloud, they also sell other social media services such as Instagram Followers, Likes, Facebook, and YouTube Services. Check out their website for more details.

3. AlwaysViral 9.7/10.0 STARS

Trying to become a star on SoundCloud? AlwaysViral is the answer. They can help you to boost your SoundCloud followers, plays in an affordable price. AlwaysViral has a good refund policy and 2 years of Free refill protection on their every service. Their customer support was very responsive to our inquiries, and responded quickly. Are you worried about getting your SoundCloud account blocked or flagged? No worries about that! AlwaysViral guarantees that their services match the terms of service with SoundCloud. We definitely recommend AlwaysViral to give it a try.

4. QQSumo 9.5/10.0 STARS

QQSumo is an established social media marketing company, operated with decades of combined experience by an experienced team of professionals. They helped more than 50,000 plus customers from around the world. The pricing is also affordable compared to the market so you can be sure you get what you’re paying for! We used their services for almost all the platforms on social media. Our tests have been successful yet again and the orders have been delivered as scheduled. The SoundCloud plays were excellent and mostly were stable. That’s why we’ve got them in as one of the Best Website to Buy SoundCloud Plays.

5. FlyMeSocial 6.1/10.0 STARS

FlyMeSocial is another social media marketing company who provide SoundCloud boosting services. They offer money-back guarantee. But their customer service did not answer our questions. FlyMeSocial appears to be able to deliver services they promise, but you might have difficulty to get in touch with their customer support. You can send them a message to their “Contact Us” page only which was available on the top of their website. We sent a list of important questions to FlyMeSocial before ordering, to test the responsiveness of their customer service. Unfortunately we still haven’t received a response to our inquiry which is not a great sign.

6. My Music Viral 5.7/10.0 STARS

MyMusicViral offers boosting services such as SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify etc. For SoundCloud, they currently offer Plays, downloads, repost, and likes. There is no customer chat option available on their website, we fill up their contact us form, but they didn’t reply our message. Their customer service was difficult to get in touch, and we didn’t get any response from them. Overall, MyMusicViral is able to deliver their Plays as they offered, but if you want to go with a 23/7 high quality customer support, you can go for SMMSumo or Followerszeal.

7. DDPlays 5.4/10.0 STARS

DDPlays is a part of DDFamily, the parent company offering marketing services for YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook etc. DDPlays is UK based company and offers SoundCloud services such as Plays, and Followers. We sent a few questions before placing the order to test their customer support, but there is no live chat customer support available, so we set them email through their contact us page. They respond our message after 3 days which was too long. However, we order 500 Plays at $2.49, and we get it within 15 minutes. We surprised how they delivered it within 15 minutes, but after 50 minutes we lost mostly plays, we contact their customer support, but they didn’t give any reply yet. We will not recommend DDPlays to anyone who want to grow their SoundCloud Plays.

8. BuildMyPlays 5.3/10.0 STARS

BuildMyPlays is another company that provides SoundCloud services, including, SoundCloud Repost, and Plays. They also sell add-on services such as likes, followers, comments, and downloads, and they can also package these into full packages. They have a great refund policy, but unfortunately we were unable to in touch with their customer support. You can have a hard time communicating with them if you have any problem with your order. Ranging from 1,000 to 50,000 plays, there are 5 different plans. Payments are all made through PayPal.

9. AuthenticPlays 5.3/10.0 STARS

Established in 2009, AuthenticPlays is an online marketing company offering social networking tools for social media sites such as SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Their website is located in Virginia, USA. They consider themselves to be pretty professional, and their services are well detailed, but we didn’t find any terms of service or refund policies page on their website. Customer service was unresponsive as we tried to message them through their customer chat support portal, but they replied our message after 3 hours of long wait. Their packages section is a little different from other websites and the prices are also too much high. You can Buy 1,000 SoundCloud Plays at $7 as their basic package.

10. The Social Marketeers 5.1/10.0 STARS

The Social Marketeers is a marketing company Located in Surrey, UK. They not only delivered social media boosting services but also provide Web Design, and pay-per-click services. This company provides services for a very large number of platforms, more than any website we’ve ever seen. They deliver services for SoundCloud, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Vimeo, IMDB and there’s much more. Furthermore, they have a customer support panel available on their website. We sent them some questions to test how good their customer support is, But they reply our message after we waited for 13 hours which was too long.

11. MediaMister 5.0/10.0 STARS

MediaMister is a social media marketing company based in Arizona, USA which provides social media services for platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. We purchased 500 SoundCloud Plays to test their service, and they delivered it after 4 days which was unexpected because on their website their stated delivery date was within 2 days. We contact their customer support but when we entered our details and send them, we got a 404 error message on our screen. It was not clear whether they got our message or not. It is recommended to choose some other better providers to buy SoundCloud plays without any hassle.

12. RedSocial 4.9/10.0 STARS

RedSocial is an American online marketing company who provides services for Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram and many more. They accept PayPal, and debit or credit cards as their payment methods. Skrill is also a payment option, but for that you have to contact their Customer Support. It can take up to 3 days to 4 weeks to delivered your service depends on the quantity of your order. We sent out a number of questions to test their customer service before ordering from them, but they took a long time to provide us a response from them (about 8 Days!). They referred us to their FAQs section, which was not very helpful because their customer support is inactive and does not care about their customers.

13. GetMorePlays 4.8/10.0 STARS

GetMorePlays, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is an online marketing company which focuses on providing SoundCloud social media services. They provide services for almost every area of SoundCloud marketing, as well as bundled packages which include a combo of engagement services such as followers, plays, and comments. We sent them questions about who will be playing our SoundCloud track and where will they be located, but we didn’t get any response from them. We think they don’t have any answer for that. However, the prices are very cheap and therefore we ordered 10,000 Plays from them at $5. We got them within just 15 minutes after we had ordered from them. The quantity of the plays was very bad and after 2 hours we lost our most of the plays. GetMorePlays provided a cheap service. Don’t buy from them.

14. Streamdigic 4.7/10.0 STARS

Streamdigic is a company who offer services for SoundCloud. In addition, they also offer the options to buy soundCloud followers, downloads, comments, likes, and reposts. There are also various packages offered which combine these services together. They have packages that start at $3.90 for 1000 Plays and ranges up to 2,00,000 plays at $99.90, which was priced higher than other providers. As far as delivery time is concerned, they are a little slower than average and guarantee 5,000 plays in 9 to 10 days. Payments are all made through PayPal. As you can see clearly, their prices are definitely on the higher side, almost double when compared to SMMSumo, or Followerszeal.

15. Social Empire 4.610.0 STARS claims to be a marketing company that claims to help you rapidly gain followers and boost your social growth. This third-party online social media growth company provides services for YouTube, Facebook, and SoundCloud. They don’t have 24/7 customer chat support available on their website. You have to fill out their form in “Support” section. We send them some questions about their exclusive coupon or discount code, but they didn’t reply us. Seems like they don’t care anything about their customers. We do not recommend Social Empire’s services.

16. OnlineMusicPromotion 4.5/10.0 STARS

OnlineMusicPromotion is known for its YouTube views services but their SoundCloud and Spotify services claims to have also gained attentions. We ordered 500 Plays at $0.99 to test their services. We received 340 plays on our track but after that their service stopped. We waited since 2 days but we didn’t receive any more plays from them. We informed them about this through their contact us page, but they replied that our order is already completed, and they can’t do anything. Unfortunately we never got the full order of SoundCloud plays that we purchased from OnlineMusicPromotion. Definitely not recommended.

17. SocioBlend 4.3/10.0 STARS

SocioBlend is a social media marketing company established in 2013. This Indian company has a wide range of services such as website design, SEO, PPM, content writing etc. It also provides social signal services to different social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, Quora, TikTok, Twitch, and many more. One thing is missing on their website which is their retention Policy. However, the prices are showing in Indian rupees and the payment methods are Skrill Pay for International users and For domestic customers they accept Razor Pay and PayUMoney.

18. BuyTrueFollowers 4.2/10.0 STARS

BuyTrueFollowers is USA based company who providing digital marketing services on several social networks, including SoundCloud, IMDb. In their Terms and Conditions they stated that they can only provide 75% of the order as a refund amount if the ordered service is not delivered. BuyTrueFollowers claim that they are based in US but the prices are showing in Indian rupees on their website. We don’t know why, but once you click to go to the checkout, it all changes to USD! When you choose a service, there are no additional options to customize. Their website is really confusing. Do not buy from them If you don’t want to get into trouble.

19. BuyRealMarketing 4.1/10.0 STARS

BuyRealMarketing is a social media boosting provider with services for SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other websites. Their SoundCloud play service’s prices are too much high. For 1000 Plays you have to pay $7. QQSumo as one of the top providers on our list provides 1000 Plays at $2 with Money-Back Guarantee even after considering the quality of the services they offer. Even BuyRealMarketing don’t have any live customer support system so, If you face any problem during order then you have to fill up their contact us form and wait until they reply. Or, you can try QQSumo where the prices for same quality plays is $2 with 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

20. Followers And Likes 4U 4.0/10.0 STARS

Followers and likes 4U is a website who provides social media marketing services since 2014. This American company has services for many social media websites such as Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook. The price for 1,000 Plays is $8.99 which is again too much costly. We also found that Followers and Likes 4 U is not SSl secured, which was quite a concern. This simply means your personal information isn’t as secure as it should be. We ‘re not recommending this website.

21. 3.8/10.0 STARS

Buy1000Followers providing a variety of social media marketing services for various platforms since 2013. This includes Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Their website is not detailed in very well, and there’s some confusion about the quality of SoundCloud Play that you’ll order and how long they’ll take to deliver. Also, on website you will not find any Terms of Service or Privacy Policy page. We don’t think it’s safe to use buy1000follower. Not only have they put no effort into their website, but they also most probably will sell you fake plays that will not do any good for your account.

22. Fast Followerss 3.7/10.0 STARS

Fast Followerss is an Indian company established in 2009 for social media promotions. The site has various services, including Twitter follower, retweet, SoundCloud Plays, Download services. Their prices started from $5 for 1000 Plays. Also, there are not much information available on their website regarding SoundCloud Services. You can get help from their customers support through their live chat and email option. But our experience with customer service confirms their response is not so good, and this time we haven’t got a response from them.

23. Tryviews 3.6/10.0 STARS

Tryviews is another website who provide mostly all kind of social media boosting services. Their website is very complicated and the prices start from $0.69 for 100 Plays. We ordered 100 Plays 2 days ago from them to check their quality of service but still they didn’t deliver plays on our profile. They did not even reply to our emails, but they were continuously sending their promotional emails. Also, the website speed is very slow. The site has also some fake online reviews so buyer beware of them. This website isn’t reliable so look out before you buy anything from them.

24. Instant-Famous 3.5/10.0 STARS

Instant Famous is Canadian company, which started in 2013. They claim to provide quick social services for platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitter etc. The website claims that they will help companies to expand their social media presence more rapidly. When ordering from them customers must provide their billing information. They accept major credit cards and PayPal for payment, and prices are displayed in local currency. But there are no custom options for SoundCloud Plays. Instant Famous provides a 30-day refund and a replacement guarantee.

25. Audiencegain 3.4/10.0 STARS

AudienceGain is a website registered in Greece and provide social media marketing services such as Facebook, SoundCloud, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter services. Their customer chat support is limited to live chat feature. We tested their live chat support in which they said to have a big team of experts, but our experience is they aren’t available to answer questions. The live chat team was able to answer some basic questions about order and order processing related queries. However, the best way to reach them could be by email. The price started from $6 for 1000 SoundCloud plays, which seems pretty expensive. Most of the plays looking good at first glance but after careful inspection showed that they were not as good as they should be as compared to other providers.

26. BuyRealSocial 3.2/10.0 STARS

BuyRealSocial is a company who claims to provide services in social media marketing. They established in 2012, and also have services for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and SoundCloud. Their site is user-friendly but is often slower because of its design. You can pay through Bitcoin, PayPal, or credit cards. We tried to contact BuyRealSocial about their discount code or coupon, but they didn’t respond our messages. Their customer support isn’t continuously active. Their starting price for SoundCloud plays is $4 for 1000. However, the most common problems are with their customer service, which is not as responsive as some buyers would expect.

27. SlickSocials 3.1/10.0 STARS

SlickSocials is an American marketing company that has been in the field since 2009. The company offers various services for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Their site looks like a fashion magazine, because their website is real flashy. You can order 1000 SoundCloud Plays at $0.99. For ordering, you must register on their website and then add fund into your account using PayPal, CoinPayments, Payza. You can finally order after doing these, by entering your SoundCloud track’s URL and selecting the package.

28. SMMPoint 3.0/10.0 STARS

SMMPoint is a social media marketing company which started in 2014. The UK-based company has service for Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, and YouTube. The price for 1000 SoundCloud Plays is £4.64 ($5.86). SMMPoint has some very bad online review which is not looking good. On Trustpilot they just get a 1-star score. Customers select the package they want to order. They then provide a link to their SoundCloud track and additional details, and pay using PayPal. Their website has live customer chat support system, but we think that is useless. We messaged them 2 to 3 times, but they didn’t respond our messages. You can ignore this company and go with some other trustable provider like SMMSumo.

29. BestCheapLikes 2.9/10.0 STARS

BestCheapLikes established Singapore in 2013, and provide services for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other platform. The quantity of SoundCloud Plays showing on their website is little confusing. We are confused whether it’s 1,000 Plays or 1000,000 Plays? There is a live chat support available on their website, so we contact them, but they didn’t reply our message. However, if it’s 1000 Plays then the price is too much high which is $15. They do not even reveal what kind of methods they are using to deliver those social signals, but they say it’s in accordance with each social network’s terms of use. We definitely not recommend BestCheapLikes which will be a total waste of money.

30. Social Fans Geek 2.8/10.0 STARS is a social media marketing company based in the USA. The company was founded in the year 2012. The site offers promotional services for popular social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. When you order a service from them a text which says “We Are Only Taking Orders Through Invoice” will come at the top of the Website. The issue is that if you scroll down, the header will cover this important message and there’s a good chance that you’ll miss it. The result is an error at the end of the process, after all the difficulty you had to go through while typing your details. However, orders can be placed at WhatsApp by contacting their customer service. Additionally, you can be contact them by phone, email, Skype, and their contact us form.

31. FastLykke 2.7/10.0 STARS

Fastlykke claims they ‘re the one place for all your social needs. They say they have been in the market since 2009, meaning they have been in the business for more than 10 years. Fastlykke has several aspects which we can certainly appreciate. We love the way of choosing a package at the beginning which was super easy, so you don’t have to feel too confused. To do this, you pick how many plays you want on SoundCloud post, and then enter your email address. Their 24/7 customer service ensures that anytime you need to, you can get in touch with someone. They also have a money-back guarantee in case something goes wrong. But there is no customization options on their packages.

32. Mr.Insta 2.6/10.0 STARS

Mr. Insta provide services for social media marketing since 2013. The company offer all the popular boosting services including Followers, Likes, Plays, Views and Comments. The company has provided decent refund policies, and is embraced by responsive customers. They are trustable and recommended standard provider. The prices for SoundCloud Play is too much high compared to other providers. You have to pay $10 for just only 100 SoundCloud Plays which is too much costly, whereas QQSumo provide 1000 SoundCloud Plays at $2 only with 100% money-back Guarantee. We no longer recommend this company if do not want to waste your money.

33. The Marketing Heaven 2.5/10.0 STARS

The Heaven Marketing is a social media advertising company based in the UK. They offer different services on SoundCloud including plays and downloads. The company claims to maintain a broad network of social media users, helping you to obtain SoundCloud Plays. There is no live chat customer support you have to dill up their contact us form and wait until they reply. Also, there are not many options for SoundCloud Plays. There are only 3 packages for SoundCloud Plays, (10k, 100k, and 1 Million). Marketing Heaven is average company, but before making a decision, you may want to look at more of our top SoundCloud providers.

34. GetAFollower 2.4/10.0 STARS

GetAFollower is another most popular platform for all your social signal boosting services since its launch. The price starting for 100 SoundCloud Plays is $2. To check their quality We ordered 100 SoundCloud Plays from them, and ended up with 60 Plays in total! Where the retention rates were 60%, which is decent. GetAFollower provides refund a period of 30 days and has a money-back guarantee on orders not delivered within the agreed time. Unfortunately their customer service is not as good as our top mentioned providers.

35. Buy Real Media 2.3/10.0 STARS

Buy Real Media was founded in the United States by a group of digital marketers, which specializes in social media promotional services. The website of Buy Real Media offers lots of services for many social media platforms, but we will discuss their SoundCloud Service. Buy Real Media website look similar to GetAFollower. Also, the prices for 100 SoundCloud Plays are same. On their policy refund page, they can provide a complete or partial refund to the user if the ordered and paid services are not delivered as they promised.

36. Sonuker 2.1/10.0 STARS

Sonuker is a USA digital marketing company established in 2012. They provide services for SoundCloud, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The order process is tough since you have to fill a lot with details before you can place an order using credit card or PayPal. The company has only 7 days money-back guarantee, and delivery starts within 24 to 72 hours from placing order. Customer support can be reached via the contact form only. While they do not have a replacement or refill warranty in place, it promises to offer more SoundCloud Plays than the amount you ordered to cover for drops. However, there are no specifics given about the quality of their SoundCloud services, so we will not recommend them.

37. Social Boss 2.0/10.0 STARS

SocialBoss claims to be a team of professionals, who have worked for several years in promoting social networks. They provide services for both companies and business. The SocialBoss site promises Security & Discretion. They guarantee the protection of your personal details and all account details. Your account will be safe from all risk because they use Smart Delivery Technology. SocialBoss also provides 24/7 customer support so, you now have the confidence to know that you can contact them any time. The price for 500 SoundCloud Plays is $1.49. However, It’s not confirmed that if this site use bot technology or not.

38. BuySocialMediaMarketing 1.9/10.0 STARS

Buysocialmediamarketing a company that offers Social Media services to clients worldwide. They provide wide range of services for – SoundCloud, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & YouTube. Their price for their SoundCloud Plays service is starting from $2.99 for 500. We notice that the website isn’t very popular, but they advertise themselves as popular with clients who use their service every day. There is no 24/7 live chat customer support available. Also, the site is either too new or maybe hasn’t built a reputation online, which doesn’t give us enough strong details to work with.

39. UpYourViews 1.6/10.0 STARS

UpYourViews is an American company which started in 2012. They offer different social media marketing services for Instagram, YouTube, and SoundCloud. They claim to deliver real SoundCloud Plays up to 600k at affordable prices with 24/7 customer support, but they don’t have any clear information about it. The delivery time is within 48-72 hours after receiving your order. The price for 1k SoundCloud Plays is $1.99. However, we try to contact their customer support but their customer support didn’t reply our message. We recommend that you take a look at our list of the best companies to find better options.

40. TweetAngels 1.5/10.0 STARS

TweetAngels was established in 2010 and is based in California, USA. They offer a great range of social media marketing services, including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud and LinkedIn. You’ll also find SEO services, a great bonus that can help you enhance your online presence. The price for 5000 SoundCloud Plays is $19.99 (which is their minimum package). There is no customization options are available. They have an HTTPS encrypted website, email information, real on-site reviews and feedback, and certified payment gateways, but they don’t provide any viable sections for FAQ, active customer support or help, which was a much-needed information.

41. Followerz 1.4/10.0 STARS

FastFollowerz is a company based in Las Vegas that enhances social media services since 2011. They have safe, reliable and customizable services for Twitter, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Pricing is standard, and provides money-back guarantee, so you don’t need to worry about getting ripped. There is no live chat support so, you have to mail them for any query. We asked a few questions about the SoundCloud Plays we purchased, but the representative seemed to be confused about the exact service we were discussing. They had not answered our all queries.

42. BRSM 1.3/10.0 STARS

BRSM is a social boosting agency who provide social media services. The site looks average, and they offer clear descriptions of what they do. The ordering process is made up of 3 basic steps but for customization order is done through their customer support team. You can pay through credit/debit card, Payoneer, and PayPal. The price starting for 1000 SoundCloud Play is $4. It is commendable to use safe and organic methods for providing genuine quality plays. But their retention warranty is limited. The quality of the service was good but some time there are some minor drops in SoundCloud Plays.

43. Boost Social 1.1/10.0 STARS

Boost Social is USA based company and was founded in 2018. The company provides services for SoundCloud, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and other social networking services. You can contact the company through their contact form. Boost Social packages start with a policy of 7 days refund for the service and the non delivered service. Refunds aren’t possible until completion of the order. The organization also provides a 30-day warranty. However, the prices for SoundCloud services are too much high. For 500 SoundCloud Plays you have to pay $10.

44. BuyYouTubeLikes 1.0/10.0 STARS

BuyYouTubeLikes is a USA based company which has been in the market since 2007. They provide services for SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook, Periscope, Twitter, Pinterest, Vimeo, and many more services. However, all these services are seems a little outdated. Unfortunately, in their Disclaimer they say they do not give any other warranties. Payment can be done via Payoneer, PayPal, Payza, credit cards, and Bitcoin. The priceing for 1,000 SoundCloud Plays is $6. There is no SSL certificate on their website which means this website is not secure and you have to be careful while sharing your confidential information.

45. YouTubeBulkViews 0.8/10.0 STARS

YouTubeBulkViews is a provider of social media marketing which has been in the business since 2012. The US-based business offers high-quality services for Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitter, and Instagram. Their site is a little informal but it simply presents details about their services. Also, there is no live chat customer support on their website. The site looks outdated but does help any user to navigate easily. They have average customer support (reply sometime). One thing that might make use of some improvement is their refund policy.

46. Real Subscriber 0.7/10.0 STARS

RealSubscriber is a USA based company that has been in the field of social media improvement since 2013. It’s known for offering services for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and SoundCloud signals. You can access everything you need to know about them and its services from the homepage, thus saving you the trouble of going into every web page. The price for 1000 Plays is $2 which is cheaper than some providers but there is no refill or replacement protection. Also, the website is not secure (No SSL certificate). Payment is made only through PayPal. You can reach the customer support via e-mail or by filling their contact form.

47. BuyYouTubViews 0.6/10.0 STARS

BuyYouTubViews was founded in 2012 and USA based company. The company is well known for offering services for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, and Instagram. The website does a great job explaining the characteristics of their services. They enable users to place an order easily by simply sharing their SoundCloud track’s URL. However, they don’t allow customization of the order. You can buy through PayPal which is their only payment method. The minimum amount of SoundCloud Plays you can order is 5000 Plays which cost you $3. They also provide decent customer support, in addition to the quality services they offer. It’d be even best if they had included a retention guarantee and a policy for refunds.

48. BuyYouTubeSubscribers 0.5/10.0 STARS

BuyYouTubeSubscribers is an Indian social media marketing company started in 2011. The company claims to provide followers, likes, plays, and views in just a few weeks. Although their primary focus is on YouTube, they also provide services for platforms such as Facebook, SoundCloud, Instagram, and Twitter. The website has a simple design which makes navigation easy. To order SoundCloud Plays from them just enter your SoundCloud track’s URL and pay using Bitcoin, PayPal, or any other preferred options for ordering your services. Unfortunately there is no customization options available. You can order 1000 SoundCloud Plays at $5.

49. SubPals 0.3/10.0 STARS

SubPals is another social marketing company who provides services for SoundCloud, Instagram, Spotify. Their SoundCloud services provides Plays and Followers to help users gain popularity on the site and attract audience. They have standard and policy and have a money-back guarantee. Subpals have poor user reviews and lack a reputation for their services across the internet. They are a legit company with a fairly active presence on major channels of social media. We found that most users complain about that the plays, or followers may or may not interact with your account. We do not recommend SubPals.

50 Followersup 0.1/10.0 STARS

Followersup was founded in 2017 and is a company that provides services for SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, promotional services. Their website shows an intuitive interface and highlights their services most important elements, helping their users to find the way on the website easily. We ordered 100 SoundCloud Plays and Followers from them, to check the quality of their services. We were not satisfied with the turnaround. The delivery time was 7 days which is too long for 100 Plays. Also, the quality of the plays, and followers was very poor. It looks like they all are delivered using some kind of software. Also, their policy on refund is a bit strict. Totally NO to Followersup.


Q: Can you buy plays on SoundCloud?
Sure, you can definitely purchase plays and followers on SoundCloud! The greatest part is its very easy to do, and lots of artists already have purchased plays.

Q: How do I get more plays on SoundCloud?
Marketing campaigns take a very long time and it will cost too much money. However, spending time and resources in the right way, such as buying SoundCloud Plays for your profile, can be more beneficial for you. The more plays you will get the more likely you’ll be taken seriously.

Q: Does buying SoundCloud plays work?
Yes it works, But you have to aware from scam websites. Scams are everywhere. Although we reviewed some best companies, (SMMSumo, Followerszeal, Always Viral, QQSumo) many of the companies we didn’t name actually didn’t deliver what they promised, or were trying to scam you.

Q: What is the best place to buy SoundCloud Plays?
A number of company have offering the fastest results, claiming to be the best option for social media profiles. So, choosing which company to go for can be very difficult, so this is where we get into the scene.

We did the research and saw which companies can really deliver best service. After trying out several providers of SoundCloud Service, we were highly satisfied with SMMSumo, FollowersZeal, Always Viral, and QQSumo as they won the spot to buy SoundCloud Plays from the top websites and have good impressions about them.

Q: How can I Buy SoundCloud Plays?
Buying SoundCloud plays is very easy now these days. You just have to choose a reputable provider who can offer you real and genuine services. After choosing the right service provider just sign up their website and choose your plan. Read this review it can help you to select the best service providers.

Q: Can I buy plays for my friends, or strangers?
SoundCloud plays can certainly be purchased for friends, and strangers. Most companies just need a link to purchase SoundCloud plays for any track. No login password is required to purchase SoundCloud Plays. However, It’s a fraud when a service provider asks for it.

Q: What if I want to promote more than one track at a time?
Yes. You can easily buy one of the bigger plans, and select the Various track option provided online by many companies. You can contact the customer support to know more details.


Buying plays and followers is a proven method for making a SoundCloud account more visible. There are good and poor providers selling these services so be sure to know as much as possible about the company you select. Before buying plays always research the company’s FAQs to look for their marketing practices and how good is their customer support. Find those who seem legal, and promise to stick to the laws of SoundCloud. It’s best to spend the time, energy, and money on growing your SoundCloud plays naturally and organically, through a service like SMMSumo, Followerszeal or Always Viral. So, Before buying SoundCloud Plays you need to read out this review.