If you are confident that your video content is very good on Instagram and you want to make it more accessible, then it is time to think about how to do this with in the shortest possible time. Purchasing views for Instagram would be one of the best ideas for that. Just think you can get the required number of views and bring new audiences to your video content at a very reasonable price. It’s really cool, aren’t they? More and more Instagram users including some politician, celebrities buy views from some sites frequently to improve their Instagram growth instantly. There are a number of websites on the market who providers Instagram Views services. But the quality of the views, account safety, customer support, delivery time, and price differ widely. We picked 50 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Views in 2021.

1. SMMSumo

SMMSumo is one of the most popular sites to purchase Instagram views. SMMSumo offer services for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and many more other platforms. SMMSumo uses the safest marketing strategies to keep your account safe for risk, to ensure customer satisfaction. In fact, the company has excellent policies in place for refund and retention, securing your transactions and ensuring you get what you paid for. We ordered to check their services with 1000 views at $5, and we were not disappointed. We got good quality views, and we even received more than we ordered. Overall, SMMSumo is one of the best services provider for Instagram services with great retention rate and 2 years free refill protection.

2. FollowersZeal

FollowersZeal is a social media marketing company who offers promotional services for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify any many more. Their Instagram views packages start at $3 for 1000 views. They also have facilities for the likes, the car likes and the views. The company offer high-quality views for their small to medium packages in one to two days. Apart from Instagram, they also provide a variety of YouTube, SoundCloud and SoundCloud services. There is also 24/7 Customer live chat support available on their website. Additionally, FollowersZeal promises that its services are provided using only the safest promotional techniques. We recommend FollowersZeal to grow your Instagram views and improve engagement on your videos with the excellent retention rate.

3. AlwaysViral

AlwaysViral is a great place to buy Instagram views along with Instagram Followers and likes. You will increase your visibility at the end of the day with this site. Always Viral provides high quality views and excellent customer support. They have 2 years of free refill services which mean if any followers, likes, or views start dropping they will refill it for free. We send them some questions to check their customer support. The responses to our questions were quick and in a very friendly tone. In case something goes wrong with your order, you can contact them anytime. Overall, We recommend the Always Viral’s services to anyone who wants to boost their social media authority.

4. QQSumo

QQSumo has been in business since 2013, and providing a variety of social media marketing services for various platforms. Their website is professional, easy to use and well organized. We order 500 Instagram Views to check their services. The views delivered within given time and the retention rate was amazing. We send message after our order is complete and see if they view a paying customer differently. But w e got a nice answer to all our questions. Based on our experiment, we recommend QQSumo’s services to anyone who wants to boost their Social Media Presence. QQSumo also has a great policy of refund and retention that allows customers buy with peace of mind.

5. Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta is another social media services providers, established in 2013. The company provides all the popular Instagram boosting services including Likes, Views, Followers, and Comments. The prices of their all packages are too much high. For 1000 Instagram Views you have to pay them $12. The site also has a FAQ page where you can get answers about its services. It also offers a more comprehensive description of their subscription plans. Mr. Insta recommends that you first visit the FAQ page before you contact the customer service team. They have no live chat customer support on their website you have to fill their contact us form to contact them.

7. Buzzoid

Buzzoid offers only services related to Instagram, including regular and customized packages for likes, followers, and views. The price for 500 Instagram views is $1.99. They are good for someone on a low budget but the quality of the views and followers are bad. Also, their customer support may not always be available, which can be a problem when you need any help. Buzzoid is working with both large and small Instagram accounts to help them grow on the platform. They do with their normal Instagram packages, such as followers, views, and likes. However, customer service at Buzzoid is a bit disappointing during our first round of testing.

7. FlyMeSocial

Since 2009, FlyMeSocial has been in the social media promotions market and has provided a range of services for different platforms throughout that period. We ordered 1000 views to check their services. Our order was delivered fast and the views we were receiving were of good quality. But after 3 hours it started dropping. We lost some of our views within 4 hours. However, we contact their customer support, but we didn’t get any answer from them. The price for these views was slightly lower than the market but the quality is not so good, came with two-year replacement guarantees. We will not recommend FlyMeSocial if you want to grow on Instagram.

8. GetAFollower

GetAFollower is a USA based digital marketing company specializing in engaging social media accounts for their customers. Their ordering process is easy and you’re not even required to sign up. You just need to type in your billing information and pay online using your PayPal, credit card, or Coin Payments. Orders can not be customized because they already packages their services. GetAFollower mainly offers customer support via a live chat panel on its site. But the chat support agents aren’t available regularly. The prices for 1000 Instagram views is $12. Their larger packages are a little more costly than other service providers.

9. Poprey

Poprey is a provider of social media marketing services, and established in France in 2018. The company offers a range of social network promotional services such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Their website has a sleek feel, which allows ease of use. There is no customization options are available on their packages but the ordering process is simple and payments can be made via PayPal. Customer support service provided by Poprey is limited to email support. The company only allows for refunds under specific circumstances. The Poprey website actually has some reviews but it’s just a word or a liner so it doesn’t seem real enough. Half of the customer reviews on Trustpilot are negative.

10. SocialKing

SocialKing has been in business Since 2017 and is registered in Spain. It’s a very simple website, with Instagram plans including Twitter, SoundCloud services. The site is slightly sparse, with a few broken links. We purchased 1,000 Instagram Views to see if SocialKing could deliver as they claim. We were very pleased overall with the order, which came on time. However, the Instagram views were extremely low-retention, only going through on average 28% of the video. However, they did not have a very large watch-time. So if you want to purchase views which will last your entire video, you’ll look elsewhere.

11. SocioBlend

SocioBlend is a company that provides social media marketing services and other SEO services. They provide services for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud and other social networks. They allow customization of the order. The ordering process is quick and easy, as users just need to share their Instagram video’s URL and email to get started. They accept payments through credit cards and PayPal. Their website is very complicated, finding Instagram service on the website is very difficult. However, the prices are shown in Indian rupees. Those users who aren’t really happy with the service can submit requests for refund within 30 days of completing the order. There is no information regarding their retention guarantee or service policy on their website.

12. The Social Marketeers

The Social Marketeers is a British online marketing company that was established in 2010 and is mainly based in London. The company provides services on a very large variety of sites such as Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, Vimeo, Amazon, Tumblr and many more social media services. Also, there are monthly plans for Instagram views. The prices for Instagram View is pretty much expensive starting from 500 Views at $4.98. However, they do not provide larger packages like some other providers. They claim to provide 24/7 customer support, but they were offline when we tried their live chat during office hours. We do not recommend “The Social Marketeers”.

13. SMMPoint

SMMPoint is a UK-based company which started in 2014. They provide social media services such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. YouTube, and SoundCloud. The company claims to use legitimate marketing tactics to promote the accounts. Customers pick the package they want to order and enter their Instagram Views’s URL and additional instructions, and pay via PayPal. They have only limited refund policy. SMMPoint offers refunds for partial or wrong orders, but no refills for the dropped views. There is live chat support is available, but they didn’t fast. We ask some questions about discount related, but they didn’t reply our message.

14. Instant Famous

Instant Famous is a Canadian company, that started in 2013. They claim to provide quick social signals for platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. While ordering, customers will be asked to provide their billing details. They accept major credit cards and PayPal for payment, and the prices are shown in local currency. They claim to use safe methods but don’t provide any additional details. The prices for 500 Instagram views is $2.74. It would be better If they provided additional information about their procedures. There is no live chat customer support are there so, you have to mail them [email protected] for any queries.

15. BestCheapLikes

BestCheapLikes is a Singapore based company and provide services for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media platforms since 2013. BestCheapLikes has a money-back guarantee on their services, which is valid for 60 days, but there is no replacement warranty. To know more about their replacement policy you can use live chat support and their contact us page. The minimum package start for Instagram Views is 2500 Views at $5. We send them some questions, but they didn’t reply our messages. We didn’t understand that what is the meaning to add live chat support on the website if they don’t want to reply the messages. Totally disappointed with them.

16. InstaMama

InstaMama is another social media marketing company who offer services for Instagram, and Twitter only. The minimum package starting from $1.5 for 500 Instagram Views. We have ordered 500 Instagram Views to see if they can deliver their service as promised. So we were disappointed with our order, since it had never arrived completely and the retention was not so good. We message them, but they answer with a message that they can’t do anything. Since you’re going to get Instagram views, they’re going to deliver it in a timely manner, but they don’t give a 100% guarantee that the views will be engaging with your video.

17. DigiSMM

DigiSMM provides social media services for Instagram, Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter, and YouTube. It’s a USA based marketing company started in 2016. DigiSMM’s refund policy applies only to services not provided on time. By simply sharing the URL of your Instagram Views they allow users to place an order easily. Also, there is no option for order customization. You can order by using Credit cards, and PayPal which is their method of payment. The minimum amount you can order from Instagram is 100 Views which cost you $1.49. They also have average customer support, in addition to providing their services. It’d be much better if they offer a retention guarantee and a refund policy.

18. Instamber

Instamber is a social media marketing company which is nothing more than the Instagram bot. They also tend to be giving fake Instagram Views, followers rather than real ones. Their monthly plan starting from $10. There is no live chat customer support are available on their website. In our opinion, the website is a bit annoying and spammy, with a pop-up of promotions that come up every time you browse from a page. Do not waste your money on this website.

19. TryViews

TryViews is another platform that usually offers social media boosting services of all types. 3 days ago we ordered 2000 Instagram views at $6.49 from them to test their quality of service but till now we got only 1345 Views. We contact them, but they don’t even answer our emails but keep sending their promotional emails on my email address. The speed of the website is also very slow. The website also has fake online reviews so, before make any purchase beware of them. This website is not trustworthy so look somewhere else. We don’t recommend TryViews.

20. RedSocial

RedSocial is an American online marketing company known for the fast delivery of its services, which they say to be 100% real people. Since 2011, the company has been providing services on social media for LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube and Vimeo. For order there is no need to sign up, just enter the Instagram video URL, your name, and your email address. They accept major debit, credit card and PayPal as their payment methods. Skrill is also a payment method, but first you must contact Customer Support at RedSocial. There are no terms of service or privacy policy page are available anywhere on the company’s website, which really is a serious concern. Also, n o refund or refill policy is mentioned either.

21. BuyRealSocial

BuyRealSocial is another social media marketing services. They were established in 2012, and provide services for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud and Twitter services as well. The prices start at $6 for 1000 Instagram views. You can pay through PayPal, Bitcoin, and credit cards. We tried to contact BuyRealSocial about their discount code or coupon but our messages were not answered. Their site is user-friendly but the speed of the website is very slow compared to other websites. Not recommend BuyRealSocial. However, the most common issues are with customer service, which is not as good as many customers might expect.

22. FollowersUp

FollowersUp is a website which allows customers to buy Instagram Views. Also, the website provides likes, followers, comments, as well as other social media services. All major cards are accepted by FollowersUp. They can also accept payment via cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin to pay for their services. We ordered 1000 Instagram Views at $5 to test their services quality. But w e didn’t feel satisfied with our purchase. Delivery time for 1000 Views was 6 days which is too long. The retention of the views was also very low, It looks like they all come from ghost’s account. Also, their refund policy is a little restrictive, too. If you want to boost your social media engagements then FollowersUp is not for you.

23. UpYourViews

UpYourViews is USA base company which started in 2012. Since 2012 t hey offer various services for Instagram, SoundCloud, and other social media marketing services. They claim to offer real Instagram Views up to 10M with 24/7 customer service at affordable prices, but they have no actual information about it. However, the prices for 1k Instagram views is $9.99 which seems pretty expensive. The delivery time is within 48-72 hours after getting your order request. However, we try to reach their customer support but our messages were always ignored by their executives. We don’t recommend UpYourViews.

24. BRSM

BRSM is a company that offers social media tools. The site looks simple, and provides clear details of what they are doing. The ordering process consists of some basic steps. You can customize your orders through their customer support team. They accept PayPal, Payoneer, and all major Credit and Debit Cards. The price for 1000 Instagram Views is $6. The prices are really high, and the payment is monthly, the number of views is for 1 per video. Also, their retention policy is limited. The quality of the service was average but some times there are some small drops in Instagram Views.

25. SocialFansGeek

SocialFansGeek.com is a USA based social-media marketing company. The company was started in 2012. The site provides promotional services for some popular social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The price for 500 Instagram Views is $1.50. Orders can be place by contacting their customer support service. They can also be contacted by mobile, email and their Contact Us form. Although there is no clear communication about their flawed order system. There is no information about their refill policy.

26. SlickSocials

SlickSocials is an American marketing company working since 2009. The company offers various Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and SoundCloud services. The price starting for 1000 Instagram Video views is $0.99. You need to create a SlickSocials account and add fund on it using PayPal, Credit Card, Skrill to order any of these services. Their policy on refunds is also limited and users normally can’t even get money back because the refund goes to your SlickSocials account, not the source account. If you’ve tried SlickSocials before and are satisfied with their services then that’s not a problem. But for first-time customers, it may be really frustrating or who have never used the service before.

27. BuySocialMediaMarketing

BuySocialMediaMarketing is a company that provides Social Media services to customers around the world. They offer a large variety of services for – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, and YouTube. The price for their Instagram Video services starts at $1.99 for 500 Views. There is no live chat support are available on their website. We found that the website is not very popular, but they promote as popular with customers who use their service every day. The site is either too new or maybe hasn’t established an online reputation, which really doesn’t give us more good information to work with them.

28. TweetAngels

TweetAngels is a social media marketing based in California USA. They provide services for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and LinkedIn. They offer social media enhancement services across multi-platforms, with Twitter being the main target. The prices for Instagram Video views are too costly on their website. The minimum package start 1000 Views at $8.99. There is no customization options are available for their package. On their website we didn’t found any FAQ sections or active customer support or help, which is also a negative. However, we will not recommend TweetAngels.

29. MediaMister

MediaMister is USA-based social media marketing company that offers social media services for platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn. For Instagram, MediaMister provides Instagram Followers, Instagram video views, Likes, profile visits etc. We ordered 500 Instagram views at $7 to try their services, and they sent it after 4 days which was surprising because the delivery date shows 2 days on their website. Also, their customer support is not answered all the time because the customer service of Media Mister is available only from 9 a.m. to 6 P.M, and 9 a.m. to 1 P.M. on Saturday. If you want to grow your Instagram views with real growth choose other provider.

30. Social Empire

SocialEmpire.pro is an advertising company that helps people to gain followers, likes, and views quickly and improve your social growth. This marketing company provide services for social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud. The price start for 500 Instagram Video views is $4.49. They have no 24/7 customer support on their website. You must fill out their contact us form in their “support” section. We have sent them a few questions about their exclusive offer or coupon codes, but they didn’t answer us. Seems like their customers don’t say anything. We will not suggest Social Empire’s services.

31. BuyTrueFollowers

BuyTrueFollowers is a company based in the USA that offers digital marketing services across various social networks, including Instagram, SoundCloud, IMDb. However, the prices are showing in Indian Rupees. The price for 100 Instagram Video Views is 70 INR ($1). There are no more options to customize when you choose a service. The website is looking very confusing. In their terms and conditions where, they will only refund of 75%. If the ordered service is not delivered. If you do not want to get into trouble, do not buy from them.

32. BuyRealMarketing

Buy Real Marketing is a social advertising company that provides social networks services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. They claim to have live customer support to support you 24 hours a day 7 days a week, but we didn’t find any 24*7 customer support on their website. Their prices for the Instagram Views services are just too high. You have to pay $9 for 1000 Instagram Views. We noticiced that as a reputed provider FollowersZeal is offering 1000 Instagram Views at $3 with 100% Money-Back guarantee. Even BuyRealMarketing has no live customer service system, so if you encounter any issues during the order, you must fill in their contact us form and wait until they respond.

33. Audiencegain

AudienceGain is another company, offering social media marketing services such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Twitter. The price for 1000 Instagram Video Views is $5. Most of the Instagram Views look fine at first glance but after close inspection showed they weren’t as fine as other service providers are. Their customer support is limited to live chat. A live chat test showed that they have a large team, but on our experience they are not available for responding to big questions. However, the live chat team were able to answer some basic questions about orders and processing questions. The easiest way to contact them, could be by email

34. SocialBoss

SocialBoss is just another company that offers social media services such as Instagram likes, views, followers, Twitter Followers and YouTube any many more. It has around 2500 plus more client base counting and had received a few good and positive reviews but that doesn’t mean they’re great. The prices for 100 Instagram Views is $0.99. We order 5000 Instagram Views for $10.99, the price is fair but the quality of the View has been really poor. We lost all of our Views within 1 day, we ‘re trying to get in touch with them but it’s really difficult. Their website has no live chat support option. You have to fill up their Contact Us form, but they still didn’t answer our message. We are not going to recommend a company that doesn’t respond to their customers.

35. Boost Social

Boost Social is a company based in the United States, and was founded in 2018. The company provides services to the social networking sites of Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook, and many more. They didn’t the prices for Instagram services until you Sign Up. You can contact them via their “help” section. Boost Social packages start with a 7-day return policy and returns are only for the non-delivered service. However, Refunds are not available until order has been completed. The company provides only 15 days money-back guarantee.

36. RealSubscriber

RealSubscriber is a US based company that’s been in the field of growing social media since 2013. They provide services for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and SoundCloud. The price of 500 Instagram Video Views is $2 which is cheaper than other providers but there is no replacement protection or refill services. The website is also not secure (no SSL certificate) and payment is only made via PayPal. However, you can contact the customer support through e-mail or by filling out their contact form. The website is not secure (NO SSL) so, there are chances that your confidential information will not secure on the website. So ignore this company.

37. Instazood

Instazood has been working for Instagram since 2015. The prices for Instagram services are monthly bases. They accept only PayPal, and Visa Master Card as their payment methods. The pricing starts at $9.99 per month, per user. There is no live chat customer support are available, they offering you only a contact form and email address. A response time is slower than of other providers. Another issue is the lack of proper policy statements on their website. They do not have a refund guarantee for its services but claims to provide refills for the dropped views, likes, and followers.

38. Socialproof

Social Proof XYZ is a company from California and was founded in 2011. You can get services for Instagram’s views, followers, and likes. We have ordered 500 Instagram views from SocialProof to see if they can offer their service as promised. We were disappointed with our order, as it had never completely arrived, and the views were not of good quality. Our concerns with Social Proof XYZ are the quality of views you’ll get, as some of them don’t look like authentic, and they didn’t deliver all of our order. If you really want high quality Instagram services then try other service providers like SMMSUMO, FollowersZeal.

39. Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media was established by a group of digital marketers in the United States, which specializes in social media promotional services. The prices are starting from $2 for 100 Instagram Video Views. They have also provide country wise views only for the USA, and Arab. Buy Real Media ‘s website provides lots of services for other social media sites, but we’ll be covering their Instagram Views services. GetAFollower looks similar to Buy Real Media website. The prices are also the same for 100 Instagram Video Views. On their policy refund page they can make a full or partial refund to the customer if the ordered and paid services are not provided as promised.

40. FollowersAndLikes4U

Followers and likes 4U is a website which has been providing social media marketing services since 2014. This American company has services such as Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, LinkedIn for many other social media websites. The price for 1000 Instagram Video Views is $12 for one time. Customers request their full billing details when ordering ad pay with PayPal or Bitcoin and can create an account for future purchases. There are also country wise options are available. The prices on their websites seems higher than others. We also found that Followers and Likes 4 U did not use “HTTPS” to protect their website, which is a bit of a concern. That basically means your personal data are not as safe as they should be. We not recommend FollowersAndLikes4U.

41. Buy1000Followers

Buy1000followers providing a variety of social media marketing services for different platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter, and YouTube. They’re not the best website and some details you’ve read would confuse you. There is not many details about their reliability of the services. Also, there are no Terms of Service or Privacy Policy page on their website. We do not think buy1000follower is safe to use. Not only have they put no effort into their website, but they are also most likely giving you fake views that will not do any good for your Instagram account.

42. Famups

Famups is another site for Buy Instagram Views, Followers, Likes and many more other social media services. Their packages started from 500 Instagram views for $6. The delivery time is too much (5-6 days) in which they inform you not to get started with your campaign to avoid being flagged which seems to be a bit of a concern about legitimacy. Many of the views and followers also seem to be fake accounts, with very low quality. While offering a money-back guarantee and not really specifying that their methods are risk-free. So, ignore Famups.

43. GetCheapViews

GetCheapViews is a Nepalese company which aims to boost any person or brand’s social media presence. The company has provided services for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram since 2015. The company’s website seems new, but you will see that it is incomplete or incomplete as you browse through its pages. The price for 1000 Instagram Views is $1. The website’s FAQ page has several questions but the details are exactly the same for each. There are also no page for terms and conditions of service, refund and privacy policy anywhere on the website. These all aspects overshadow the company’s organic signals assurance and delivery time, so we can’t recommend their Instagram Views services until they fix these issues.

44. SocialShop

SocialShop is a social media boosting company located in Thailand, which has been around since 2014. They cater to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and SoundCloud. SocialShop has a limited policy on refund, and does not provide the best customer service. SocialShop only offer email support on their contact us form. The only way you can contact them is via their “Contact Us” page where you’ll need to fill out a form with your personal details. We reached them out, but even after hours of waiting, we did not get an answer. This is not a trait of a quality provider. This is one of the reasons we can not rank SocialShop as a top social media marketing company.

45. Buzz Voice

Buzzvoice is yet another-stop shop for all the marketing needs of social media. If you want to expand your Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or SoundCloud promote then buzzvoice can help you. The price for 100 Instagram Video Views is $1 which is average but the quality of the views is very poor. The retention of Instagram views was only 25% which is very low. They also say that in fact they are just ‘real-looking’ – implying they are providing fake views which are generated by bots. Sadly, fake views are less effective than the genuine views. So, we wouldn’t suggest using BuzzVoice.

46. TwitterWind

TwitterWind is another marketing company that has been in the market for more than 2 years. During that time they didn’t do anything to really attract our attention, or anybody else. They seem inactive at the moment, with no recent updates to their website. The prices are higher than any company by 40-45%. You have to pay $4.99 for 500 Instagram Video Views. TwitterWind is a below average provider with slightly higher cost. The most noteworthy service is their monthly subscription. The prices for their Instagram Views package are slightly costly, so you can easily find better service providers than TwitterWind.

47. InstaFollowers

InstaFollowers.co provides Instagram services as well as bot accounts that they say to be authentic. Their prices of Instagram Video Views from $1.80 for 100 Video Views. There are also several grammatical errors on their website, Basically you can assume their site was created by a non-English person. This leads us to doubt them. The quality of its Videos Views on Instagram is very bad. There is no retention rate on their Video Views. It seems they ‘re being generated with a just several proxies or bots. So besides being a little suspicious, we think that if you are looking for quality Video Views, InstaFollowers won’t be a great choice for all of your Instagram growth.

48. Likesforge

LikesForge is a social media marketing platform, where you can buy Twitter Followers, Instagram Followers, Likes, views, YouTube Views and much more! The prices start from $2.99 for 100 Instagram Video Views. LikesForge assures that all of these concerns are taken on board. The website’s design looks wonderful and trendy. But you won’t find any live customer chat support. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, if during your purchase you encountered any issue or (within 30 days of purchase) then they will refund your money.

49. iDigic

iDigic is another social media company that focuses mainly on Instagram. iDigic claim that they make you Instagram sensation overnight. Their services are targeted towards professionals, so first reading their terms of service and privacy policy is essential. The prices start for Instagram Views is $1.95 for 100 Views. However, there is no live chat customer support are available on their website. You can contact them by email which is too much irritating. However, the larger package you buy the more you will save on their packages.

50. Krootez

Krootez is another platform to boost your social media services. On Krootez you will never have to worry about bots or fake accounts so you can rely on increased interaction and involvement. With a monthly package from Krootez, they’ll give followers and like the app within 30 seconds. The prices for 250 Instagram Views at $4.99 which is too much costly compared to others. We order 250 Views which they delivered it after 3 days. The quality of the views was very low, also the retention rate was also below 20%. We will not recommend you Krootez. Choose another service provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you buy Instagram video views?
A: Yes You can buy. Choose any of Top provider in the list and select their package. We will recommend go with FollowersZeal. They deliver genuine Instagram Video Views with 100% money-back guarantee.

Q: How do I get more views on my Instagram videos?
There are many ways but if you want to grow gradually then this will not happen in a day or a month. The best option is to select a trustable company who provide real users so that you can increase your growth with no time.

Q: What is the best place to buy Instagram Views?
There are many companies who sell real Instagram Video Views. We purchase some Instagram Views from all the companies but only (SMMSumo, FollowersZeal, AlwaysViral, and QQSumo) offer us real genuine users with money-back guarantee.

Q: Is it illegal to buy Instagram Views?
No it’s not illegal, when choosing a trusted provider you won’t have to worry about the security of your account. Even many celebrities, politician also buy Instagram Views, and Followers on a regular basis.

Q: How much does it cost to buy?
Buying Instagram Views packages will come at all kinds of prices and sizes. Although some websites like SMMSumo start their packages for 1000 Views at as low as $5, other websites like Mr. Insta could offer the same for $12. So be sure to check out the above list for the most trustable options!

Q: Will it work if I buy Instagram Views?
That depends on your method to boosting your growth on Instagram. When you just focus on Instagram views then obviously it won’t work. You’ve to provide great video content. Buying Instagram Views can help you to your content deliver to more users.

Q: Can buying Instagram Views get you banned?
The answer is No. But if you’re buying from a 3rd class vendor who only delivers you fake or spammy users then your Instagram account may be in risk. So, be sure to choose a reputable provider. We recommend you these 4 companies (SMMSumo, FollowersZeal, Always Viral, QQSumo).


Buying Instagram views is one of several techniques you can use to quickly increase your credibility, rankings and fan base overall. You can build your profile and video post interaction significantly faster by using a trusted and proven supplier than by using traditional methods only. There are good and bad companies offering these services so be sure to know as much as possible about the company you choose. So, we made this review for you so it can help you to choosing the right services provider. It’s best to spend the time, money, and energy on creating your Instagram naturally and organically, through a platform like SMMSumo, Followerszeal.