Facebook is the largest social media platform which has more than a billion active users. The world is getting fast digitization and everything from ancient times is becoming modern. If it demonstrates the online business problems, then it is obvious that social media marketing has become a fascinating and effective strategy or way for faster business growth. No wonder Facebook contains 70 millions plus business pages. However, it’s also very difficult to stand out from the crowd in this rapidly advancing world and with this level of competition.

If you’re looking to gain social proof, more brand awareness, or website traffic, your business page on Facebook makes a significant contribution to your business goal. Some of the hardest things to do is getting Facebook likes for your business page. Thankfully, many companies are working in this field, and can do the job for you. Similarly, just as you have your choice, there are several other companies out there who sell you what they call their “the best deals.” So, here we review 50 Best Sites to Buy Facebook Likes in 2021.

1. SMMSumo

For the last 7 years SMMSumo has been a good performer in the industry. They offer guaranteed quality likes, They claim to be one of the few companies that guarantee their service. SMMSumo is the best sites to buy Facebook Likes. The company offers 2 years of free refill services for every dropped follower, likes, and plays with 100% money-back guarantee. They always delivered what they promised! Just before putting SMMSumo on first list, we experimented by purchasing Facebook likes service from them. We ordered some Facebook likes, and we were happy to get all the Facebook Likes we ordered within 2-3 days naturally. Also, the quality of Facebook likes is very good. If you really need good promotion for your Facebook page to gain likes, we recommend SMMSumo as the best place to buy Facebook likes and the best choice on our list!

2. FollowersZeal

This is yet another most popular website in social media marketing field. FollowersZeal offers many social media marketing services with 100% real users. Whether your profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or SoundCloud it doesn’t matter, FollowersZeal provides all kinds of social media services with its large network. The best part is you can buy real and legit likes and followers here instead of fake ones. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about Facebook banning or penalizing your profile, as you have real likes who will help you maintain your credibility. They provide the best that are available, and delivers them in an organic manner. Also, there is 24/7 online customer support facility are available. You can contact them anytime, and they will respond you quickly. Totally recommended!

3. AlwaysViral

Over the last 7 years AlwaysViral has been a good performer in the industry. They offer guaranteed quality likes, and is one of the few companies that guarantee their service. AlwaysViral says that the likes they provide you will become from real profiles. Including increasing the likes and followers for your Facebook page, they can also provide services for other platform such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud and many more. They also provide 24/7 live chat support, if you have any concerns or questions, their dedicated customer service team will go out of its way to serve you at its best. With AlwaysViral your Facebook page will get real likes from high quality profiles. This lets you maintain your page’s reputation while also increases traffic at the same time. We definitely recommend AlwaysViral.

4. QQSumo

QQSumo is yet another great social media marketing platform to grow your Facebook likes, followers and some other platform such Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. They do offer various types of packages depending on the budget, each of which provides a guarantee for the results and gives you premium likes. This also helps you to build your social proof when you get quality likes. They also offer a guarantee on retention of likes and there is also 100% money-back guarantee in case things not going as expected. When you work with QQSumo, you’ll work with a dedicated team of social media experts who will be able to guide you during your campaign. They also have a 24*7 customer support to take care of your all orders.

5. LiftLikes

LiftLikes is a company who provides services for social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and many more other platforms. Their services are decent but the problem is that their service can get you banned from social media as they provide low quality likes and after sales their customer support is not so good even though they mentioned customer 24×7 customer support on their website. Their minimum package for Facebook likes is $1 and you’ll get only 10 Facebook likes. There is not many details on their website about their refund policy. We do not recommend LiftLikes.

6. SocialKing

SocialKing was established in 2017, and is one of the newest social growth services providers in the market. The absence of refund and retention policies, as well as the lack of real-time customer support services, will be some concern points for the users. They claim that the company is located in Spain but the prices are showing on their website are in Indian rupees. However, their price start from 110INR ($1.51) for 50 Facebook likes. We send them a few questions to check their customer support. They responded our answer after 4 hours which was not as expected because on their website there is a 24/7 chat support. Not recommended.

7. Boost Social

Boost Social was founded in 2018 and USA based company. The company offers services for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networking services. Their website is hard to use and the buying process is very difficult. They accept only PayPal for the payment. The prices are not showing on their website until you sign up. There is no live chat support options are available on the website. Even though their policy on payment is limited and might be better, we believe they are not a reliable company that can meet your needs for social media engagement so will not recommend Boost Social.

8. The Social Marketeers

The Social Marketeers is an advertising company based in Surrey, UK, They not only provide social media boosting services, but also Web design and PPC (Pay Per Click) services. They have services for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Vimeo, LinkedIn, IMDB services and much more. However, the prices for 500 Facebook Likes is $20 which is too much. They do have customer support on their website however. We sent them questions to test how good their customer service is, but they took almost 12 hours to reply our messages.

9. Get Cheap Likes

Get Cheap Likes is a social media marketing company aimed at growing your followers and increasing engagement on major networks like Facebook,  Instagram, and Twitter. They have a basic inventory of services such as likes, followers, comments, and views. Get Cheap Likes offers followers and likes services which come with a 2-year Replacement Security. Get Cheap Likes provides an online contact form to help you connect with them. They do have a FAQ page that answers general questions and concerns. A downside for them is the FAQ page can be used more than it should as customer service. The company’s Facebook likes services start at $3 for 100 likes.

10. FastFollowerss

FastFollowerss is a social media marketing company offering promotional packages for major social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Twitter. The company offers customer support through its contact us form and live chat. We found that the customer support agents are going offline during our chat sessions. They didn’t respond to any of our emails, which isn’t a quality provider sign. It could represent a problem if you need any sort of help from them. They also offer money-back guarantee for 30 days in cases where service is not provided as promised.

11. Get Real Boost

Get Real Boost is yet another digital marketing company that offers services such as Facebook Likes, as well as many other Twitter, Instagram related services. We purchased 200 Facebook Likes as $5, but we get only 153 likes and that was all. There is no live chat support so it’s very difficult to contact their customer support. We mail them about our issue and asking for our refund, but they simply reply that they can’t do anything. Thank god we just spend only $5. We also checked some online reviews, and we found mostly negative reviews about them. Stay away from these types of companies.

12. FollowersAndLikes4U

FollowersAndLikes4U is a USA’s social media marketing platform which started in 2014. They have services for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other popular sites. The company accepts payments using Bitcoin and PayPal, the latter offering a discount of 8%. FollowersAndLikes4U is assured money back for their all services. The price of 500 Facebook Likes is $8.99 which is too high. We also found that Followers and Likes 4 U do not provide SSL to protect their website, which is a bit of a concern. That basically means your personal details are not as safe as they should be. We are not recommending this website.

13. BuyRealSocial

BuyRealSocial is a company which claims to provide services in social media marketing. They started in 2012, and have services for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. You can pay by PayPal, credit card, or Bitcoin. We tried to contact BuyRealSocial about their services but our messages were not answered by them. Even in this type of company, you won’t find 24/7 customer service so it’s no wonder Buy Real Social doesn’t have it. Apparently they don’t have the resources to invest in a customer support team that will support you 24/7. Also, the prices for 1000 Facebook likes is $89 which too much high. When working out the online marketing strategies we think it’s best to look elsewhere.

14. Venium

Venium is yet another social media marketing websites who offer social media services such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. At $14.99 you can get 250 Facebook Likes which is certainly on the expensive end of the scale when you compare it to other companies on this list. Since you’re going to get Facebook Likes from Venium they’re going to deliver it in a timely manner, but they don’t give a 100% assurance that the likes will be engaging with your post. Customer support is highly restricted at Venium. Their response time is slower than other companies. Another concern is that their website requires clear policy statements.

15. SlickSocials

SlickSocials is a US-based company which started in 2009. The company offers Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and SoundCloud promotional services. Some of the company’s services plans are covered by a lifetime replacement guarantee but not their Facebook packages. They’re just offering some extra likes for all their Facebook packages to make room for drops. However, all orders will be refunded if they fail to deliver, or if the service provided is not as mentioned above. Also, the refund is deposited into your slickSocials account not your source of account. You still have to invest money on their services somehow. If you’ve tried SlickSocials before and are comfortable with their services then this isn’t a problem. To first-time customers, it may be really challenging or who have never used their service before.

16. MediaMister

MediaMister is USA-based social media marketing company that offers social media services for sites such as Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Many of its tools have very useful options for targeting. MediaMister offers Facebook Followers, likes, views, reactions, and Poll Votes for Facebook, and comments. The prices for 50 Facebook likes $2. You may contact their live chat support, the customer service of Media Mister will only be accessible from 9 am. to 6 P.M only, and On Saturday 9 a.m. to 1 P.M. We ordered 250 Facebook likes at $7 to check out the services, and they sent it after 8 days, which was unexpected as the delivery date on their website shows 2-4 days. The quality of the likes was also not so good.

17. BuySocialMediaMarketing

BuySocialMediaMarketing is a company that delivers social media services to its clients all over the world. They have a wide range of services including-Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and SoundCloud. The price for their Instagram Likes for 1000 likes starts at $2.99. We note that the website is not very popular, but they advertise as popular with customers who use their service every day. Also, there is no 24/7 live chat customer support. The site is either too new or maybe hasn’t established an online reputation, which doesn’t give us enough good information to work with them.

18. SocialBoss

SocialBoss is yet another company who offers social media services like Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, Instagram likes, views, and YouTube. They ensure your personal information and all account details protected. Since they use Smart Delivery Technology, your account would be safe from any harm. Their Facebook Likes Package start at $3.99 For 50 Facebook Likes. The prices are decent but the quality was very bad. In 1 day we lost all our likes, we ‘re trying to get in touch with them, but it’s very difficult. Their website does not have the option for live chat. You must fill out their Contact Us form, but they still haven’t replied to our message. We would not recommend a company that doesn’t respond to its customers.

19. Boostlikes

Boostlikes.com offers a range of services, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. This is a new company which has come onto the market, we are looking for some online reviews about this company and finding that there are bad feedback mostly there. They sell Facebook likes, followers and more social media services. Also, we got a lot of spam-mail from other resources after buying from them. Be careful from them. Also, the website doesn’t have any money-back guarantees which we didn’t expect at this price range.

20. SocialBar

SocialBar.net is an Indian company that offers Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube’s services. The prices of its packages are in Indian Rupees. The price is 24.38 INR for 25 Facebook Likes which is very high. The biggest drawback with this website is that only Indian users can buy Facebook Likes or some kind of social media services, since they allow only Paytm, which is an Indian gateway to pay. There’s many, plenty of services on their website but only India’s users can purchase their services.

21. SocialFansGeek

SocialFansGeek.com is a US-based company which provides social media services. The company was founded in 2012. The company offers famous promotional services such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. The minimum package for Facebook Likes is 100 likes at $2. You may place orders by contacting their customer support service. You can also contact them via email and their Contact Us form. There is a problem on the website that the header will cover the important message if you scroll down and there is a good chance you’ll miss it. After all the complexity typing into your details, the result is an error message at the end of the process.

22. SMMPoint

SMMPoint is a British company that started operating in 2014. They have services in the social media such as Facebook, Instagram. Twitter, SoundCloud. To promote the accounts, the company claims to use legitimate marketing tactics. Customers pick the item they want to order, enter the URL and additional instructions for their Facebook Likes, and pay through PayPal. The price for 100 Facebook Post Likes is £3.00. SMMPoint provides refunds for incomplete or incorrect orders and no refills for the likes that have been dropped. There is support for live chat, but they weren’t quick. We’re asking some discount related questions, but they haven’t replied to our message.

23. FollowersBiz

FollowersBiz is a social media marketing website that founded in 2006 and provides Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter services. The company claims to be providing services within one hour. The prices for 1000 Facebook Likes is $21. There are not much information about their refund policy. We expect they would provide more details about the features, refund policies, and fix some minor issues on their website. They claim their customer support is available 24/7, but you can only contact them via their contact us page so keep your expectations low.

24. Famups

Famups is yet another platform to Buy Facebook Likes, Followers, and many more social media services. Their packages had started for $18 for 500 Facebook Likes. The delivery time is too long (5-6 days) in which they tell you not to start your campaign to prevent being flagged which seems to be a bit of a credibility issue. Some likes also tend to be very low quality. They’re offering a money-back guarantee but not really specifying that their techniques are risk-free. Also, the prices are seems costly compare to some other providers. So, ignoring Famups would be wise.

25. Real Subscriber

RealSubscriber is a US-based marketing company that has been in the field of social media since 2013. They also provide Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud services. The price of 200 Facebook Likes is $8 which is average but no replacement or refill protection. Also, we didn’t any found any 24/7 live customer chat support option which is also a negative thing. Refund and cancellation is only possible if the service has not yet been delivered, or if it couldn’t be executed. They also provide country-wise targeted Facebook likes such as the USA, Europe and France.

26. Followermarket

Followermarket is yet another site that promotes social media and offers social media services. When we visit their website the first time it doesn’t look like a professional website. The website is not a secure website (no SSL certificate). We seek to contact their customer service executive, but we can’t find any customer chat support options. The price for 1000 Facebook likes is $29. There is also no money-back guarantee option, they only have 60 days of refill services. We do not recommend these types of companies.

27. InstaFollowers

InstaFollowers provides Facebook services as well as bot services that they claim to be genuine. Their prices start from $1.89 for 100 Facebook Likes. They have a 2-year replacement guarantee on bot followers but no guarantee on real followers, and likes. There are also some grammatical errors on their website, you can basically assume that a non-English person developed their website. That prompts us to question them. The quality of its Facebook likes is very poor. If you’re looking for quality Facebook likes, we think Instafollowers isn’t going to be a great option for all your Facebook growth.

28. Likes Forge

LikesForge is a marketing company for social media, where you can buy Facebook Likes, Followers, Instagram Followers, Twitter Followers, Likes, YouTube Views and more! The prices start at $12.99 for 100 Facebook Likes. There is only 30-day money-back guarantee if you encountered any problems during your order, or (within 30 days) they will refund your money. But you won’t found any customer support. The only way you can contact them their mail support. You have to mail them and wait for their reply.

29. BuzzVoice

BuzzVoice is yet another website for all social media marketing requirements. If you want to expand your promotions for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or SoundCloud, then BuzzVoice is there for you. They also claim that they provide likes and followers which looks like real, meaning they are providing fake likes, and followers. Sadly, fake likes are much less efficient than the genuine users. The price for 100 Facebook likes is $1.97. The followers and likes do not even look like actual people. So, we wouldn’t recommend using BuzzVoice.

30. Get Cheap Views

GetCheapViews is an American company which aims to boost the visibility of peoples and social media accounts. The website offering services such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram since 2015. The price for 250 Facebook likes is $3. The FAQ page on the website has several questions but each has exactly the same information. There is also no page on anywhere on the website about terms and conditions of service, refund and privacy policy. These all things overshadow the reliability and delivery time of the company’s organic signals, so we can’t recommend their Facebook Likes services until they resolve such issues.

31. BuyRealMarketing

BuyRealMarketing is a social media company that offers growing services to social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. The company also have monthly wise plans. The price for 100 Facebook likes is $7. They don’t have any live customer service, you can their contact them by their “Contact Us” page at the bottom of the page. So if you encounter any problems during the order, you have to fill up their contact us form and wait until they answer. However, we will not recommend the services offered by BuyRealMarketing. You may choose other service providers for better services and high quality likes, and followers.

32. BuyTrueFollowers

BuyTrueFollowers is a US-based company that provides digital marketing services through broad social networks, including Facebook, SoundCloud, IMDb. The price are starting from $4 for 100 Facebook Likes. They have an average retention policy, but we think they should have a more flexible policy on refunds. They can refund only 75% of your money under their terms and conditions. The website looks very complicated. Once you select a service there are no more ways to customize. We will not recommend BuyTrueFollowers.

33. SocialViral

SocialViral is a social media marketing website who provides services for Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Spotify. Social Viral does not require you to share your passwords or login info, but just to ask for the URL. They deliver traffic in a totally confidential and discreet manner, without any risk of mismanaging your social media material. The price for 50 Facebook likes is $3.99 which seems costly. However, they don’t have any live chat customer support which is a negative point. On the website there are FAQs which may help to you some questions.

34. TweetAngels

TweetAngels is a California-based social media marketing company which provides services to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud and LinkedIn. They offer services to improve the social networks through multiple platforms, including Twitter being the primary focus. This includes targeted likes on Facebook, weekly likes on Facebook and more! For their targeted Facebook likes the minimum package start from $34.99 for 1000 likes. There are no options to customize their package.

35. BRSM

BRSM is a company that provides services for the social media accounts. The site looks simple, and the details of what they are doing are clear. The ordering method is made up of a few basic steps. They accept all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, Payoneer etc. The price for 50 likes is $4. The prices are seems average, They also have monthly plans, and is calculated the amount of likes per post. Therefore, the deal is more than suitable for people who like to create a lot of content and every day use. The price levels go up to $79 and more so if you start working with BRSM, make sure you have enough posts to make the price reasonable. There is one negative point is that they don’t have any 24*7 live chat customer support.

36. RedSocial

RedSocial is an American online marketing company known for the rapid delivery of its services, which they say are real people. The company has been providing social media services for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube since 2011. The price for their 100 Facebook likes is $3 which isn’t too high, so we order 100 likes on Facebook to check the quality. But we were extremely disappointed.  All the likes we ordered fall within an hour and all of them disappear from our post within the 3 hour. To inform our lost likes, we wrote them many emails, but they didn’t yet reply our messages. Do not use red social, stay away from them.

37. TryViews

TryViews is another website that usually offers all types of social media boosting services. We ordered 500 Facebook likes t $6.08 from them to check their service quality but so far we only got 437 likes. We send them emails because they don’t have live chat support, but they didn’t even respond to our emails but keep sending their promotional emails to my email. The website also has fake online reviews so buyer stay away from them. This website is not reliable so choose some another service providers like AlwaysViral and SMMSumo.  

38. Best Cheap Likes

BestCheapLikes is a company based in Singapore, and has been providing services for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media sites  since 2013. BestCheapLikes has a money-back guarantee on their services that is valid for 60 days but there is no replacement warranty. To Order Facebook likes customers can enter Facebook’s post URL and pay using PayPal. For Facebook Likes the minimum package start at $17 for 500 likes. We send them some questions, but they’ve not answered our messages. We didn’t understand what it means to add live chat support on the website if they don’t want to answer the messages. Totally disappointed by them.

39. Instant Famous

Instant Famous is a Canadian company which started in 2013. They provide social media services such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Instagram etc.    Customers will be required to provide their accounting information when ordering. Instant Famous accept major payment options such as debit card/credit cards and PayPal, and the prices show in local currency. They claim to be using safe methods but don’t provide any further information. There are no customization options are available. The price for 500 Facebook Likes is $17.83. It would be helpful if they gave more details on their procedures.

40. GetAFollower

GetAFollower is a digital marketing company based in the USA that specializes in providing social media services for its clients. Their buying process is simple and you don’t even have to sign in. Only type your billing details and use your PayPal, credit card, or CoinPayments to pay online. The website is stylish and modern, and the site looks like Media Mister. You could either fill out the form on the Contact Us page or chat to a live person to contact customer support. GetAFollower ensures that they offer high quality social media services from actual people and active accounts. You can buy minimum 50 Facebook likes at $2.

41. FlyMeSocial

FlyMeSocial is another social media marketing company which provides boosting services for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. FlyMeSocial seems to be able to deliver the services they offer, but you might have difficulty getting in touch with their customer support. There is no customer  live chat support option are available on the website.  You could only send them a message to their “Contact Us” page which is at the top right of the website. The price for 100 Facebook likes is $1.85. The price for Facebook likes was slightly lower but the quality is not so good. If you want to grow your Facebook likes with good quality likes then we won’t suggest FlyMeSocial.

42. AudienceGain

AudienceGain provides social media marketing services such as Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Twitter. The 100 Facebook likes is $12. At first glance, most of the Facebook likes looks good but after close inspection revealed they weren’t as good as other service providers are. Their customer support is limited. A live chat test revealed that they have a large team, but our experience is that they are not available for responding to our all questions. The customer team was able to answer some simple questions about ordering and request processing. However, the easiest way to contact them,  could be by email. Also, the price for Facebook likes seems pretty expensive.

43. Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media was founded in the United States by a group of digital marketers that specializes in the promotion of social media services. BuyRealMedia ‘s website offers plenty of services for various social media platforms, but we’ll be discussing their Facebook likes services. The prices for 50 Facebook likes is $2. On their privacy policy page they can only make a full or partial refund to the customer if the services purchased and are not delivered as promised. Also, their customer support is very limited which is available only from 9 am to 6 pm only.

44. Buy1000Followers

Buy1000Followers have been providing a variety of social media marketing services for different platforms. It includes Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, YouTube. Their website is not very well-designed, so there is some doubt about the quality of Facebook likes you are going to order and how long they will take to deliver. The website also has no Terms of Service or Privacy Policy sections. Buy1000follower is not considered safe to use. They’re also most likely giving you fake Facebook likes that won’t do any good for your Facebook account. The price for 500 Facebook likes is $20.

45. Social Shop

SocialShop is a social media marketing company based in Norway. For most popular social networking sites, they provide promotional services such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and SoundCloud. The prices for their packages are $6 for 100 Facebook likes. Also, they don’t have any 24*7 live customer support. The only way you can contact them is via their “Contact Us” page, where you will need to fill out your personal details in a form. We mailed them, but we did not get an answer even after hours of waiting. This is not a quality provider’s behavior. That’s one of the reasons that we can’t rank SocialShop as a top social media marketing company.

46. Twitter Wind

TwitterWind is another marketing company which has been in the market since last 2 years. They didn’t do anything during that time to really catch the attention, or anyone else. They currently seem inactive, with no recent updates to their website. Their prices are higher than any company by 50-55%. Their packages and services start at $6.99 for 100 likes for Facebook. They don’t have 24/7 live customer support. You have to contact them by their email support. Also, there is no privacy policy page on their website.

47. AuthenticPlays

AuthenticPlays was founded in 2009 and is an online marketing company providing social networking services for social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and SoundCloud. Their website is located in Virginia, USA. They find them to be pretty professional and the services are well described, but on their website we didn’t find the Terms of Service page. Their minimum package starts from $9 for 250 likes. The website is very easy and classy but on their website, we did not find any 24/7 live customer support sections. However, you can contact them by their email support. Their prices page varies slightly from other websites, but their services does seem to work well.

48. GlowInsta

Glowinsta is a one stop online tool for all of your social networks. If you are lagging behind in terms of your growth as an owner of a business or as a personal brand, Glowinsta will offer you the solutions. You can buy Facebook likes, followers, Instagram likes and followers and many more other services. Glowinsta has been in service since 2014. It is essential to have reviews for your company’s product and services at this time so you can gain trust with potential customers. Each service you buy from them has a unique process of checkout, but you will be asked to pay through one of the following gateways: PayPal, Symantec, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

49. iBuyfans

iBuyFans is an American company which offers services such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. They have a trained, customer service team to answer any questions you may have before or after your order. They even have a money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with their services. iBuyfans.com provides a wide variety of services for the USA and around the world. They have a live chat support, but we are continued asking questions from them, but they are not give us a single reply. Very disappointed with them. You can buy 100 Facebook Post likes at $4.

50. FastFaceLikes

FastFaceLikes is a Portugal company and claims to leading supplier of likes, followers, views and more social media marketing services. The price for 50 Facebook likes is $3. We purchase some Facebook likes from them to check their service but the quality of the likes was very bad. We contacted their customer service and we are confused! They can’t speak properly and gave us excuses for technical mistakes. Honestly, we strongly recommend that you invest your money with some other trustworthy companies that can provide you a good quality services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does buying Facebook likes really work?
Yes! When people see that there are lots of likes on a Facebook post / business page, it means the brand is worth exploring, and buying Facebook’s likes is a great way to grow your online social presence.

Q: Is it illegal to buy Facebook likes?
No, buying likes isn’t illegal or not against Facebook’s terms of policy. But when you are buying likes, do some research about the company in which you want to invest your money, such as customer support, money-back guarantee, terms and policies etc.

Q: How much does it cost to get 1000 likes on Facebook?
Prices vary, and we’ve seen an approximate average of $95 for 1,000 Facebook likes, where on Always Viral the price for 1000 Facebook likes is $40. Different providers have different price range.

Q: Can you get banned for buying likes?
No! You are not banned for buying Facebook likes. Buying Facebook likes is not against Facebook’s terms of service. But there are many providers in the market who provide fake likes and followers which may danger for your Facebook profile.

Q: Is it safe to buy Facebook likes?
When buying Facebook like the seller’s price should be kept strictly in mind. If you’re not cautious about, some of your private information that you don’t want to share might be harmful. Check out this review and select your preferable website to Buy Facebook likes in 2021.

Q: What is the best place to buy LinkedIn followers?
The best place to buy Facebook likes would be the company that can provide non-drop real quality likes with 100% money-back guarantee. In our opinion these 4 companies (SMMSumo, Followerszeal, AlwaysViral, QQSumo) have the best services and provide real social media services to their client.


So when you’re out here to buy Facebook likes for your Facebook profile, make sure you truly understand what the vendor is offering and how it can help you in the longer term. These services are provided by both good and bad companies so make sure to learn as much about the company. So, we’ve made this review for you so it can help you pick the right service provider. It’s best to invest time, money and resources naturally and organically to build your Facebook likes through a trustable platform like SMMSumo, Followerszeal.