So, you want to write a blog but don’t know what to write about? Where can you find niche blog ideas that make money and encourage you to become a successful blogger. Choosing on your niche is an important factor when creating a blog, because it’s an important factor deciding your blog’s success (or failure). And this is a fairly important question to answer because you are starting your blog very early. There are lots of great niches blog ideas out there that you can try to start blogging. Whether you’re starting to blogging for fun, then pick a niche blog ideas you’re passionate about. You don’t have to be an expert, but on the subject, you should have some expertise. But if you’re serious about making money through blogging then you’ll need to pick a profitable niche for the blog. This means the topic should have a wide audience, and ideally one that is willing and able to spend money on items related to that topic. However, here we are going to share 40 Best Blog Niche ideas in this post that you can start and gain online traffic.

 1. Sports Niches

So you want to begin a blog on sports? You may make a good profit, but it’s a tricky niche to crack. It’s too wide on its own, you’ll need to find a micro-field to break into the field of sports blogging. A blog about skills in basketball, football, soccer activities. A blog or video channel devoted to your favorite sports team. A Basketball Shoe Blog. These are some micro-niche topics you want to start with a sports blog. Here are just a few ideas. There are possibly thousands of micro-niches related to sports all of which can be very lucrative. It’s a big industry and if you can cut out for yourself a small little place you can tap into the enthusiasm and love that many people all over the world have for the sport.

2. Travel

Have you heard of travel bloggers’ success stories who live life on their terms and earn 5 to 6 figures a month? Although they make it seem effortless, it takes a lot of work to create a travel blog and keep it interesting for readers. The good news is that even if you don’t know anything about starting a travel blog yet you can be one of them too. You need to start preparing on how to become one of those popular travel website bloggers before you start. You can start by reading (very seriously!) Blogging For Dummies and choosing a travel niche that will allow you to make money. The main goal is to deliver quality content that your audience can enjoy and find useful. They’ll know, over time, that you’re not passionate or knowledgeable. In the end, this will be the beginning of the end. To keep your readers coming back or purchasing affiliated items, you’ll need to be a focus on specific areas.

3. Technical Niche

Tech is a subject which grows every day. People are eager to get regular update notifications and technical improvements. Technology has changed professionalism in a positive way. That has been one of the hottest niches in the web. If you’re enthusiastic about the latest tech/gadgets and are researching the new technologies, you should start a blog on tech. Your main focus will be to draw audiences by passing on your technology area information. Your audience will be searching for the latest trends in technology and want your blog to be the place where they can find all technology-related stuff. If you can understand the latest tech available on the market and inform your viewers on budget and specific requirements, you’ll become their center for tech-related materials. Hundreds of tech companies develop and release products each week. And you won’t be faced with a lack of content to provide your viewers. You may also create a blog that will provide information about the operating system like Windows, Linux, and Mac updates.

4. Fashion Blog

It’s a big step to create a fashion blog because it has to be updated nearly every week. Perhaps the best thing is that a fashion blog never gets out of date. The fashion blogs are one of those blog niches which never trend out. Fashion that’s what we wear and how we put it on. The fashion niche is highly profitable if you really want to start your own blog. People spend quality time looking good and are always searching for advice over the Internet. That’s where you can focus on their questions and offer them solutions. Start a fashion blog and write insightful posts about fashion trends, new collections, major weeks of fashion and more. These can be even sub-categorized into new fashion trends, beauty, and cosmetics. It will expand your niche and help you reach a wider audience.

5. Health

Stethoscope and heart, isolated on white background

With the rise of the internet, the health and fitness field has diversified its practices and searched for ways to meet and connect with its audience online. The desire to keep fit ensures people will always look for anti-aging treatments, diet plans, work out plans and more. It is also one of the most profitable blog niches for which health is a major reason. In this field, there is huge traffic and there is enough to go around it. The positive thing about writing in the health and fitness niche is you don’t need to be a certified trainer or a medical professional. If you’re serious about learning and giving feedback, even without these skills, you’re going to make it big in the niche of health and fitness. Create articles that concentrate on diet and food. You may also share stories about weight loss, to inspire and empower your audience. For everyone, you can build a blog that focuses on providing healthy food recipes. Share food, physical training, mental preparedness, and facilities. Teach audiences how to take care of their body and skin while recommending the use of beneficial skin and body care products every day. This could help in attracting the target audience.

6. Food

One of the niches in the most popular and appealing is a food site. Everybody loves to eat food. There’s a variety of dishes here. Creating a blog on foods is a fun job for someone who has a passion for food. Food is among the most popular topics and the creation of a food blog would draw a tremendous audience. It is a wide-ranging topic that can never lack content. If you have a specific food page, you’ll get a fair amount of organic traffic from the Recipe articles. You will study the foods from different restaurants as a collaboration. Sharing the related reviews will help your blog and create a healthy relationship with your readers. Sharing food recipes videos and also quickly providing tips and tips on cooking food will also help you connect more with your followers.

7. News

Niches on News blog is the best on the internet that never gets out of trend. Especially when it’s focused on trending topics, media blogs have a high engagement potential. News is an evolving subject, and there is no lack of content. Posting the latest news is the perfect way to get traffic to your blog quickly. There are lots of sub-categories you can share your opinion on. You will share the latest news about economics, sports, culture, finance, world news, etc. You should not only discuss the current affairs but also cover fascinating stories that will draw a large audience. A great news blog can also generate a ton of traffic and earnings opportunities. If you’re interested in talking more about politics then no one will stop you from succeeding, just reveal what you’re reading from news agencies and newspapers, try to make the news more interesting and creative, remember, the more innovative you’re going to be, the more traffic and publicity you’re receiving. You can also share gossips about society, including Hollywood, Bollywood gossip.

8. Making Money

Everybody wants to make money, so it’s only natural for the popularity of a blog based on making money. Take a moment, and think why do you read this? You’re using a blog to try to make money. And luckily, there’s an infinite amount of content that can be made. Actually, there are a number of subjects that you can work on making money that is all interesting enough to have different blogs. A blog about how to make money by blogging is entirely different from a blog on how to make money into the stock market. And the good news is that people will still be searching for the next get-rich-quick plan so you can use it to “profit” yourself.

9. Personal Development

In today’s competitive world, people in every area of life look to improve and get better. As a blogger in the personal development market, your job is to provide content targeted to individuals in their chosen area who are pursuing further education. If you’re a specialist in a particular field, write a blog about that field and post articles dedicated to growing there. Presentation skills and leadership in every field are important things, but many people struggle with it. You can share the professional development information that will help your viewers build relationships and influence from the very start.

10. Movie and Music

Music and Movies are an essential part of life. Movies and music offer comfort within the busy life of today’s modern world. If you’re getting an insatiable love for music and movies, start writing. Create a blog to review the movie/song, and check by the minute the new releases. Don’t post what everybody thinks, just to make a good impression. Share your initial thoughts and honest views. It will attract loyal fans. There are several genres, in music, and movies. It allows for a wide range of content creation. Passion for music may be of great benefit to your blog. Giving reviews of various musical instruments will draw a wide audience. People also read reviews of new movies before they go to watch them. Giving the movies a proper opinion will help you attain a loyal audience.

11. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of the trendiest sectors in this modern world. This sector has seen a huge increase in employment opportunities. The digital space expanded rapidly with the advancement of technology. Digital marketing is one of the blog-niches in demand. Companies are now trying to update their identity online and get the word out of their line of deals. The benefits of adopting Digital Marketing Expert techniques for your company are infinite. In addition to helping you make money, creating a digital marketing blog will also allow you to understand more and apply it to yourself. You can build a blog on sub-niches like social media marketing, site optimization, web design, SEO, video marketing, email marketing, etc. You can attract followers by presenting more knowledge about improvements in the algorithms of various search engines and social networking sites. Therefore, educating the audience about how to perform market research and formulate business strategies can help to achieve a positive impact.

12. Lifestyle

This might be the most difficult to describe because it is so wide. Some bloggers are taking the niche to the full and believe they could post anything that affects their lives but that’s not the reality. Usually, if you have excellent knowledge that can change the lifestyle of someone else or if you have an exciting lifestyle you believe people would love to learn about, this will be a perfect blog niche to you. If your blog on lifestyle is popular enough, you may be rewarded with big brand promotion, affiliate profits, and revenue from service to others. Some of the sub-niches for this niche are here: Gardening, Survival, Home/Outdoor Decoration, Travel Organization, etc. These aren’t all of them but they probably are the ones that we would consider writing a blog in. Monetization strategies are typically advertisements or printable for this niche. Books will work very well with the first 3 sub-niches.

13. Upcoming Events

Are you still look for networking events online? es/No/Maybe Doesn’t it? No issue, we looking and we were very disappointed that there are very few sites/blogs that share details about upcoming events and meetups, a kind of Facebook’s Local App. You have opportunities here to let people educate themselves with the latest activities and meetings around them. zFor example, if a person is regular and attends at least more than 5 events a month, and he pays more than Rs.5000 for that, you can give him monthly subscription for only Rs.3000, but you can also make one section for premium meetups or membership lock-ins. This approach will help you attract more customers in the long period. That’s going to help him save a few pennies and every month you’re also getting perks. Isn’t it cool? Yeah, it is.

14. Biography

People are looking for people who are famous or who get popularity. So if you love to read the biography of other celebrities or Youtubers then you can write about new celebrities who are not all famous in the limelight, though, and will become the industry’s next big star. If someone listens to something about anyone, they start looking instantly on Google or the Internet. And everybody nowadays is very interested in knowing about the person who is very famous or who has come up with a new topic. Competition in this category is very weak. If you are really interested in learning about someone and you have details about people, you can pick your blog’s Biography niche. You’ll soon be getting Organic Traffic with this.

15. Dating and Relationships

If someone is looking for love or is in online dating or is in a relationship but suffering and searching for a way to rekindle the spark, there’s a whole range of products to aid in the niche of dating and relationships. People are still in need of guidance when it comes to this area — one of life’s basic elements but so hard to navigate. Possible businesses include promoting dating websites, many of which give advertisers rewards who send new sign-ups. You may also promote guides to “pick up,” books to create better relationships and communication, and more. It is a market that there are plenty of chances to specialize even further down. You might approach dating for couples, dating for other religious groups and relationships, etc. The possibilities are limitless here. Dating and relationship will still be a big niche category that sells & full of profit, whether for single individuals, divorced people, couples, etc.

16. Personal Finance

Credit scores, loan repayments, personal loans, debt relief, when it comes to the personal finance market, there is a lack of needs. People need support in handling their finances or in raising money for essential expenses they need. They may be in debt and need help paying it off or reducing interest rates. They can face bankruptcy and need support to manage the process. Maybe in serious cases, they got the dreaded IRS letter saying they owe back taxes. Maybe, in this case, you not be providing financial help. But as an affiliate, you can link your prospects with specialist resources, promote knowledge products or provide products such as credit monitoring. This is an immense market, with many possibilities. E-learning and employment programs may also be created to help people manage these challenges and improve their financial condition.

17. Pets

People love pets. Within the US alone there are estimated to be 170 million-plus dogs and cats. That’s not even thinking about all the snakes, parrots, and other exotic animals that people hold as a companion. And if you’ve been to a pet store recently, you know the pet owners won’t spare any expenses and will buy just about everything related to animals. Pet toys, Gourmet dog food, healthy treats, Yeah, I even saw dog strollers and leashes from cat. There’s a lot of dogs out there who live better. Maybe a little silly, but you can try. The truth is that a lot of people love their pets and focus more on their pets than on themselves, and it’s a niche market it gets bigger and bigger every year. People want to train them for obedience, protection, even to do tricks for older dogs, too. If you’re serious about pet training you may be able to make your own knowledge items-like ebooks. Or you might simply sell someone else’s books and courses as an affiliate.

18. Gift Ideas

Here in this niche you’re solving people’s biggest problems that are restricted only in some gift ideas, you know on any occasion, the most popular gifts people give are picture frames, mugs, and bouquets that’s all, we have no choices. Well, if you have any great gift ideas why not share it with your readers, you can also sell your own gift items on your blog, you can do Amazon Gifts affiliate marketing. I must guarantee it would be best the niche, and innovative niches to launch your blogging career. Do not let the chance go out of your hand. By selling your own handcrafted gift products you can make a decent amount of revenue, you can also take custom designs orders at higher prices.

19. Parenting

In this niche, you could write about tips on parenting, baby care, or how a new mother can care. You may also post about items that anyone would use to make their parenting life more convenient, you can easily promote Amazon’s products, using referral links which will help you to gain money from your traffic. But If you’re not a parent then please don’t attempt to mislead people because they don’t give fake pieces of advice without experience, eventually, it would destroy your blogging career. I still recommend doing niche blogging for profit but not cheating someone and playing with their emotions, though. You can use affiliate links to advertise products of any e-commerce site, including selling your own items such as shampoos for baby care, clothing, toys, etc.

20. Video Games

Game blogs have much content to choose from. They might be game developers, testing the new hardware and software. Given that games are costly, many consumers would want to hear from others before purchasing the new game. Gaming bloggers are usually streamers who record play and respond to games themselves. Retro gaming blogs concentrate on ’80s-’90s hardware and games. You can be a repair blog for gaming which shows how to fix old consoles. To be a good blogger on gaming, you’ll need engaging content. If you’re a pro player, for example, you’re going to want to have something to post which people would love to read. You wouldn’t want to be anyone with no comment. If you’re a game reviewer, you’re going to want to go into the deep details and explain why you like a game or dislike it. Your information has to be important, too. You’ll need to be one of the first to check it and offer your thoughts when the new game comes out. It also doesn’t work to check a game that is a month old.

21. Photography

Are you a great photographer, looking through blogging to expand your personal brand? Getting a blog on your website for photography is a perfect way to bring readers into your work. A regularly updated website with strong blog material not only boosts the search engine ranking but also develops an ever-increasing loyal readership. You may be a specialty photographer who specialized in wedding photos. Or maybe you’re a generalist capable of taking great photos of just about anything or someone. Create a collection of blog posts that center on the different styles of photoshoots you can do along with several samples from your portfolio. Write down what’s happening during a photoshoot. Guide prospects for different activities, times, and locations during the whole process. How long do you take the photoshoot? What happens if the weather/lighting is bad? Where would you like putting yourself at weddings? Answer all the questions that people have asked you about the shoot. You can also detail the different criteria for photo shooting and the subject matter inside a narrow niche.

22. Freelancing

Whether you’re a blogger or freelancer, you’ve got, you’ve definitely had to pick a good niche to blog about 1 time or another — may be the niche for your latest blog or e-book, or choose the subjects you’d like to specialize in for client work. There will be millions of niches out there you can write about or blog, and it’s always amazed us that it’s hard for people to pick one. Do some research, and break down some common topic areas into more unique niches on which you can blog, write an e-book, or specialize as a freelance author. If you are a freelancing expert you can share some tips on how to become a successful freelancer to your audience. Share some ideas on how a new freelancer gets his first gig.

23. DIY

DIY is a huge ocean in itself that will help you earn money with the number of views you will receive. Surely with the help of these blogs, there are many people who are interested in doing things themselves. Strong technique and people with a complete mindset are required to select unique items and make the best use of the waste stuff around. Ultimately, you’ll be entering the traffic and improvising the bank balance through that would be helpful. Even though each niche includes careful preparation and a lot of hard workdays, the DIY section needs more and more of your time that you normally spend on the other stuff. DIY may be used for makeup or room decor, home decoration crafts or some special planning for the day. You can also earn money from advertising, and you can also earn freebies by promoting other bloggers’ products.

24. Blog on Blogging

People are looking for alternative ways to change their lifestyles and so the idea of blogging has appeared. Blogging is such a great thing that helps anyone to gain a 6-digit income sitting in their own comfort areas. You can not start one because you need unless to have a clear image of what your blog really needs the content. When we talk about a blog’s simple niche, the blogging niche does the right thing. Each newbie needs a good understanding of what his blog’s existence should be about. It would be a great opportunity for you to have many people linked to you through your writing material. You may also include the segment on Live Entrepreneurship which will include more information on earning money online.

25. Entertainment

This niche would also encourage you to pocket a good income, as people urge you to have enjoyment/entertainment in their lives. Whether it can be self-entertainment or chatting about others, or reviewing a web series or a movie. Magic shows or games or sports, or something where the sky is the limit, can also be good topics. Your love for all the television shows or kinds of music then with this blog niche concept, this will let you get some money. Select categories such as celebrities and their net assets and you can write huge articles about that subject. You can easily write millions of articles per week if you pick at least one celebrity. This idea is going to work because people just want to learn about other lifestyles (especially big celebrities). That blog niche concept will certainly draw traffic and you can make a healthy income.

26. Art

Art is a wonderful niche for the blog. It has the power to inspire many peoples. This can make someone happy or bring somebody to tears. Art is one of humanity’s treasures and what it really is, is in the beholder’s eye. The art niche helps you to give audiences to express your creativity and imagination. Art is everywhere around us and a lot of people are always looking for new ideas from the bloggers. If you’re very creative you may be able to give other people tutorials. And if you can express the feeling to your followers, audiences, or people who come and see your art, then, you will never again be a starving artist. Because art has been one of the niches unheard of in blogging. All discuss as the great evergreen niches about finance and health and fitness and the pets. And they are. However, it can also be too. It can produce just as much income as most other blog niches, with much more emotion. But making an art blog a success is a little trickier than many of the easier blogging niches.

27. Spiritual

When you want to share positivity or your spiritual experience with others, you will find an audience very easily. And the best thing about being online is you’re able to create a community around the world. If it’s a blog focused on faith or spirituality, this dedicated audience will fall in love with your content, bookmark it and come back time and time again. You will help people to establish a deeper connection with their spirituality and their religion. Try to take a step back, and get a picture of what motivates you to start your own spiritual blog before you start writing posts. You need to know exactly what your ambitions are month after month, year after year, what you would like to work towards them. You have to share a lot of knowledge with the world so don’t hesitate anymore. Make all the right decisions to make sure your blog starts with a strong base and you’ll see high traffic in no time. Be vigilant in updating it and you’ll quickly find devoted readers.

28. Product Review

Instead of calling it a profitable niche blog concept, I want to call it a cash cow. Let me just explain why. When people see an accurate and original review of some product, they make a purchase most of the time. So if you have the power of influence in your writings, thousands of people end up buying a product through your affiliate link. As a product reviewer, you could either select a specific product as a specialty, or you can write about any sort of product about which you have little idea. This is one of the easy ways to money in blogging. So if you’re going to get things accomplished properly, you have to go for the niche. But the competition isn’t small so if you are really capable of doing work before you start and think carefully.

29. Book Review

A very different sort of niche if you equate it with the other niches but it’s very close to the Movie Review site. If you’re someone who’s obsessive about reading all kinds of books then doing Book Reviews is a wonderful thing to take on. As with the previous one, be fair and select books of good quality. Besides, the daily banner and affiliate sales allow you to earn money. Or you can sell your own book add some details about the book and add it to your own website. Not all is bad, so be honest. I believe that book reviews are much more realistic when it comes to reviewing the goods, that is, books.

30. Online Earning Tutorial

There are many people who are bored by their daily job or just trying to earn money online for some extra cash. So teaching that thing should be a profitable niche and it really is. But just go for this niche if you really have the expertise and the online earning experience. Be honest, and always remember to have the best and most accurate information and knowledge. Don’t ever think about providing foolish, inauthentic content, because it can ruin your product value and image. Choosing the subject which is relevant to your career is the best idea. You can cover more and you know you’re a master of that niche.

31. Affiliate Marketing Tutorial

Affiliate Marketing is a very profitable way to earn online and lots of people are trying to understand it. If you’re someone with potential expertise then start sharing a blog with others. Seek to create content that will help people understand Business easily. If you’re working hard, chances of success in the affiliate marketing sector are enormous. Affiliate marketing in which an online retailer charges a fee for traffic to another website or creates revenue as a referral. Basically, when consumers purchase the product or service, you promote the product and service of someone else and receive a profit. For example, you can write a summary of a company’s product that you are associated with, and recommend it to your reader. You will get a commission from the selling company when your reader buys the product by clicking on your link you given on your websites. “Amazon Affiliate program” is one of the most common affiliate programs.

32. Learning an Instrument

If you can’t play piano or guitar you’re not supposed to start a piano/guitar blog. And, if you’re just starting out, you’d have to be open about being a complete beginner and sharing your experience with your audiences. You might start a YouTube channel simultaneously teaching a person a way to play covers of common or classic rock songs, monetizing your channel as a source of financial benefits. Or, you’ll sell a digital product to the new musician or instrument player. Promoting various musical products as an associate degree affiliate, working with various companies to create data information, promoting the physical and digital product, etc. Another alternative in these large markets is running ads on your blog or website.

33. Learning How to Speak Another Language

People like learning new languages, always. In fact, most of the bloggers I know don’t even speak native English. Apart from their country of birth, the fact that they speak a second language allows them the ability to communicate with wider audiences as well. Most people would also need to learn a second language in addition to their mother tongue over the next few decades. This being said, language apps, online language coaching programs, and everything else related to learning a new language are already on the market. The great thing about it at the moment is that there aren’t that many blogs in that area. This Niche has an annual market value of around US$45 Billion.

34. Drones

Drones are really a hot niche at the moment. Everyone wants to get their own drone, start taking pictures and doing live earthly transmissions. A very nice idea would be to build a drone forum and make it a very active group where you’ll discuss drones when they come out. Share tips on how to fly drones, and upload videos of drones on your YouTube Channel. There are several drones-related websites out there, but I haven’t really seen which is having a major effect on this specific niche. By working on some of such smaller drone micro-niches you can avoid some of the major competition while creating your brand and reputation on search engines, or on YouTube or other video services. Starting small is often a great idea for almost any niche.

35. Outdoor and Fun

The Outdoor Fun niche covers topics such as Fishing, Motorsports, hiking camping, Hunting and many more. Any subject related to getting outside and having fun falls into this category. That makes it a major market for blogging. One major benefit of this niche is that it has large-ticket items that help rake bloggers in big affiliate commissions. One reason why the outdoor & fun niche is one of the best blog niches that it’s less crowded, less competitive, and Google’s and brings traffic from top search engines and attracts massive organic visitors.

36. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Other pillar of the digital revolution is Bitcoin. It is booming and that’s just the beginning. At first, some people laughed off and ignored bitcoin as a crazy concept that’s going to go up the butt. And no more. Big banks and deep-pocket companies have now all accepted the Bitcoin and Crypto revolution. Governments around the globe jump onto the crypto bandwagon. Bitcoin blogs and websites are beginning to get tremendous traffic, both organic and direct, as many people are taking a serious interest in cryptocurrencies. Sites such as Coinbase get almost 40 million visits a month. These blogs did not exist several years ago. The blogging niche Bitcoin and crypto are not quite crowded and competitive. All of which makes this niche in cryptocurrency one of the main blog niches for starting a blog and producing passive income.

37. Weight loss ideas

Weight loss in itself is a major niche or sub-niche. According to Businesswire, the weight loss industry is estimated at over $72 billion. But while the weight loss blogging niche is super competitive and crowded, if you come up with innovative and entertaining ideas about weight loss, you can still make money writing in this niche. Safe and reliable weight-loss solutions are an absolute necessity in your body to get some good health. It revitalizes your memory, increases strength, weight control and also adds energy to your life. This may also decrease some kind of disease and enhance the sexual life. That’s why tens of millions of people are actively online searching for suggestions on weight loss.

38. Math Forum Blogs

To start a blog for the mathematics forum you need to build a marketing plan for attracting people. There are also have forum-based blogs that attract readers due to their very engaging format. The public is responding as it offers a more casual approach to studying a serious subject like math. For readers curious about complex math concepts, Ask a Mathematician is an easy, straightforward, forum-type blog. Readers get to ask questions about math and physics via emails and get experts to answer them. What’s unique about this blog is that it runs its group anonymously to keep readers focused on the material rather than the authors.

39. Funny Jokes

You can make a site, and add some funny jokes set. If you include quality content/Jokes then your website visits will be improved and through advertisement, you will easily earn. Keep in mind that quality content does not mean copying and pasting material. You can compile a selection of jokes from different sources (30–40 percent) but your selection of 60 percent must be original in order to attract viewers to your site. There are many websites that have a large collection of jokes, Hindi Urdu poetry, etc. Then why don’t you? You can also share your jokes on Facebook or WhatsApp and you can gain more traffic from them.

40. Quote

There are several types of Quote, Emotional, Motivational, Inspirational, Sad, Love and so on and millions of organic traffic arrive every month, you must have noticed the name of website, over 2 million traffic comes here every month. You can post a quote on your quote website every month in English, Hindi in which language does organic 500k traffic. You can even create such a website and you don’t even have to find content for this, you can copy it from anywhere. Create an Instagram page make a Quote on picture format and share it on Instagram. You can put your website link and increase massive traffic from there.