When it comes to online marketing businesses, Social Media Marketing has become an essential part of the business strategies for acquiring potential customers. With 2.37 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the king of everything when it comes to social media. The organic presence of this popular platform has been on a gradual increase over the past 5 years. According to the latest data released by Business Insider, only about 2% of the users seems to engage on Facebook Post. This is why you want to make sure that you have a good amount of fanbase on your page so that it gets more authority and eventually you get customers you are targeting for. Getting likes on your Facebook Page is not as easy as it requires multiple hours of dedication, patience, and good content. It can be a lot of hard work for a business who is just starting up or is focusing mainly on their work. Thankfully there are Social Media Marketing Companies who can get the job done within a few days and are not expensive at all. In that way, you can focus more on your business instead of wasting your time on How to Grow more likes. This is why we reviewed some of the best Sites To Buy Facebook Likes in 2021 available on the Internet today.

Best Sites To Buy Facebook Likes

1. SMMSumo

SMMSumo has been one of the leading social media boosting service providers on the Internet. SMMSumo provides active Facebook Likes and Followers to your profile. Their natural and organic marketing methods are 100% safe, High Quality and will get you the results you are looking for. With High Skilled 24/7 customer support, SMMSumo is probably the only few companies out there to help you with any queries or Instant support you may need. They offer different types of packages depending on your budget, each of which offers a 2-year guarantee for the results which again is rare to find. If you are looking to buy organic Facebook Likes for your page, SMMSumo is the right place to go.

2. QQSumo

QQSumo offers a wide range of services on Facebook including Photo Likes and Fans. QQSumo prides itself on offering organic Facebook likes. Its plans start at $5. QQSumo’s user-friendly dashboard is really simple to use and will definitely provide you good value for growing business. QQSumo has very good customer support who can answer all your queries. All the likes are the highest quality and will definitely boost your page. We will absolutely recommend QQSumo.

3. Followerszeal

FollowersZeal provides Social Media Marketing services for various popular sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, and LinkedIn. FollowersZeal provides Real and High-Quality LinkedIn Followers Services at a very affordable price. We bought from them 500 followers at $21 which was really competitive to others. After 3 Days we got 545 Followers on our LinkedIn Profile which is very much appreciated as we ordered only 500 Followers. The quality of the likes also very good and definitely increased our Impressions on LinkedIn.

4. AlwaysViral

Those who use Facebook heavily and want their accounts to grow then alwaysviral can help you to grow your likes on Facebook. If you are looking to boost your Facebook likes and want a decent company to get the job done for you, AlwaysViral definitely won’t disappoint you in terms of quality, Customer Service and pricing. If you have any questions, their 24/7 professional customer service is always there to help you. With the quality of the likes we received, this company is probably one of the few reputable companies in this niche. Additionally, AlwaysViral has a 100% Money-back Guarantee in case they fail to deliver the order.

5. SocialKing

Socialking provides clients with multiple country-wise likes on Facebook. SocialKing also provides services for YouTube, Instagram, and SoundCloud services. The prices are way too high compared to other providers. Most Customer Reviews online say that they didn’t even deliver their order within their time period, and also the quality of likes looks like Spammy which vanishes overnight. Their website also looks old and is not updated. Wouldn’t suggest anyone using this website.

6. Ibuyfans

In their website’s dashboard, they have a start count which means that if you order something from this website you’ll know how many followers, likes you’ve gotten from them. However, this will not a plus point. Many customer-reported they got a message from them, saying that they stopped the service because of the new Facebook algorithm, and they will restart as soon as possible. But we never received the likes. We contacted their customer support for a refund, but they didn’t reply to our message. After 4 Days Finally, we got a message from them saying that they rejected our request and is not going to refund us in any case what so ever. So, Don’t waste money on this website!!!! Also, you’re going to lose your followers as soon as you receive them, they don’t answer your emails to replace the lost likes or refund the money! Just stay away from them.

7. Audiencegain

Audiencegain is a place where you’ll get all kinds of social media services. They claim all followers are real and are obtained through advertising from third parties, but most people complain about their services. Most of the customers complain that they never received their likes and there is no way you can get your money back as they clearly stated that “No Refund will be Initiated”. We also check they don’t have any live chat support system on their website, so it is impossible to contact them. You just shoot an email or fill out their contact us form and wait for their reply.

8. BuzzDayz

The pricing of Facebook page likes offered by this company is incredibly cheap but the quality of the likes were horrible. We searched this company online, and we found out that this website is full of negative reviews, Hardly anyone talking good things about them. Most people reported this website as a fraud or scamming website. One main thing is that there is also a no SSL Certificate on this website which means your personal details which you provide during payment will not be secured and can even be used by the hackers eventually exposing all your financial and personal data. Then how could you trust that website that doesn’t have an SSL certificate? They also have no customer support on their website. So, Surely this website is totally not recommended at all if you want to Buy Facebook Likes.

9. Buzzoid

We purchased 1000 Page likes from this website because their pricing is low compared to others. But it turns out that cheap pricing gets you cheap likes which are ghost/spammy accounts which were blocked by Facebook and all your likes will disappear. The next day we lost all the likes which we purchased from them. We are trying to contact them but there is no customer support are there on their website who can help us. Customer service is awful because it doesn’t exist. Do not use this company otherwise you’ll lose your all money.

10. SMMBoostservice

There are many reasons why you don’t have to buy any services on this website. Let’s take a look. When you try to Buy any service from their website the company will say it will take within 24 hours and when you ordered something from them they change their line and say now it will take up to 48/72 hours. However, after 72 hours it’s still not delivered, and when we tried to contact them they don’t reply to us. They just steal your money and nothing was delivered! Completely scammed. Do not use there any of the services. Stay away from them.


Q: Should I buy Facebook likes?
Buying Facebook likes will make your page look more popular, that can draw real people.

Q: How can I get many likes on Facebook?
The fastest way to get likes is Buying Facebook Likes. Nowadays many people tend to Buy Facebook Likes. And it is totally Genuine. Many providers are there who provide real services.

Q: How do I get more likes on my Facebook business page?
Well, Buying Facebook Likes is still the best option for your business to grow fast Facebook Likes.

Q: Which is the Best place to Buy Facebook Likes?
There are top 4 Websites are available there. You can check them by reading our Review.

Q: How much does it cost to buy likes on Facebook?
You can pay for likes from websites like SMMSumo, QQSumo or even Followerszeal, for just $5 they’ll be bumping your Facebook likes.

Q: How to buy likes on Facebook?
Just visit one of the top websites, select any of package and complete their payment process.

Q: Is it Illegal to Buy Facebook Likes?
The purchasing of Facebook likes is definitely not illegal. But, Knowing the likes have come from real people, is also important. If Facebook detects that likes/followers are bots or not real people, they’d be removing the likes. So, choose only trusted providers only.

Q: Does Facebook know if you buy likes?
If the Likes comes from real Facebook User organically then there is no chance.

Q: Why are my Facebook likes dropping
If you purchased from a Fake Service Provider then there are the most chances that your Likes may Start Dropping.

Q: Can I Buy Targeted Country Wise Facebook Likes?
Yes. You can there are some websites who provide 100% active Fans where you have the option to select some country like BRAZIL which helps you to increase your revenue & makes your Profile trending on Facebook.